Let’s Get Planning: First Communion Preparation

I am attempting a posting blitz today–my goal is four posts.  We will see how it goes, this is post number 2.  (Deep breath) Linking up with Kelly.

Buddy is preparing for First Holy Communion next spring–I can’t believe it.  Below is our plan for preparation that includes some of our favorite books!

My First Communion Journal in Imitation of St. Paul, Putting on the Armor of God, Janet P. McKenzie

We are including P. A Halpin’s Children’s Retreats book.  This beautiful book is out of print and fairly expensive out in cyber space. I was blessed to find it for under $10 at a used curriculum fair.   I am on the search for an e-version and will update if I find it. In a search for a place to purchase this book, I discovered the Janet P. McKenzie has published readers for Confession and Confirmation based on Halpin’s classic.  In addition, she has First Communion Journals for girls and boys.  I am ordering the St Paul version for Buddy.
 First Communion Days

I am hoping Newman Press will bring back this classic.  It is such a sweet book of stories of various children’s experiences on the day of their First Holy Communion.  Again, it is exorbitantly expensive for a used copy–who is really paying $130!!!  I will be searching for any deals on this for my readers.  I bought this for $4 at a used curriculum fair.  I better warn the kids about extra gentle care for this one.

Yet another out of print book, my apologies, friends. However this can be found for reasonable prices.  All of the books in this series are amazing.  We have almost all of them.  In fact, we have a book that contains the stories for each sacrament.  I have read it to the children three times so far, they cry every time it ends that there is no more to read–they are so touched by the stories.
This story is absolutely beautiful, even more so that the illustrations.  A beautiful book cover to cover.  Based on a true story, it is inspiring for all ages. 
Come meet a young saint who inspired the Pope to lower the age of Communion. All of Mary Fabyan Windeatt’s books are well done.  I think I will enjoy this as much as the children, this is my first time reading this book.  I also highly recommend the Holy Heroes radio drama of Blessed Imelda. 
This book is a classic.  Though it may seem dated, I believe it still has value.  In addition, our parish just started a monthly Latin Mass.   This will serve to explain both our weekly Novo Ordo Mass as well as the monthly Latin one.
Lastly, we will compile a First Communion Notebook.  For Cowgirl, I followed a lovely blog that told me just what to do.  That blog has since been taken down.  So I am going to create my own notebook layout.  I will post page link at the top of the blog and add a photograph, and instructions as we complete the pages.  I am hoping that will keep us from scrambling to finish them all at the last minute.  My Buddy is the great procrastinator. đŸ™‚

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