Let’s Get Planning: First Confession Preparation

I have been working really hard to catch up in the planning department before our insanely busy August hits. (Why does summer break never seem to be relaxing?)  Here is the first in my series of unit studies that we are using next year.  I am taking more of a topical approach and moving away from so many textbooks and workbooks.  It really is closer to how we had been homeschooling before Little Man appeared on the scene and life got crazy crazier with my mom’s advancing illness.  However, this is the most out of the box curriculum I have designed yet–it looks good on paper:)  I have decided I will need an extra tall glass of water and some good reading glass with me at all times, this curriculum is heavy on read-alouds, however, if you choose, the child could read independently.  We are just a read-aloud loving family.

This book I picked up second hand but in like new condition.  It is published by Our Sunday Visitor. A workbook of sorts, it is more reading than answering questions and filled with colorful pictures.  I see on the website that there are a number of resources to go with this book, however, it could definitely be used as a stand alone, and that is what I intend to do.
I know that I have sung the praises of Holy Heroes in the past, but they truly are one of my favorite Catholic companies.  My children have so enjoyed their Glory Stories.  This CD is volume 2 in the Altar Gang series, a very engaging series!  We have already been listening to this and it has surely joined the ranks of favorites.  By the way, if you order this CD, be sure to order your free copy of Volume 1 Glory Stories which included Blessed Imelda the patroness of First Communicants.
Jessica at Shower of Roses is one of my most favorite homeschooling moms.  I love her not only for her amazing ideas, but for the beautiful person she is inside and out.  For a hands on part of our preparation, I plan on using her Ten Commandments lapbook.  I want to add a pocket for the little prayer card that was handed out in Church with the Act of Contrition printed on it.  I would also like to come up with a child friendly examination of conscience to include.  I will post pictures when we finish.
We discovered Brother Francis at VBS a couple of years ago.  Well done and entertaining, every episode is a gem.  I plan to purchase this episode to add to our collection.
These St Joseph picture books are so wonderful and very affordable, usually around $2.  Do not let their little size fool you, they are packed with information and solid catechism.  This book does have an examination of conscience that I may just type up and include in the lapbook so that Buddy can refer to it easily.
Susan Brindle and her sisters have created my favorite sacrament books of all time.  We are blessed to have the entire set in one volume.  I have read it cover to cover at least three times with the children, every time they are in tears when it was over, begging for more.  These books are out of print, but if you can find one, please buy it.  You will not be disappointed!
Jennifer at Catholic Inspired is another homeschooling mom that you must meet.  I have been following her blog since it was called “Craftolic” and have enjoyed everything she has had to offer.  A truly talented mom with many talented kids, Jennifer knows how to make Catechism come alive without watering it down.  Her Journey’s End Game is a perfect example.  Be sure to check out Jennifer’s site for even more exciting ideas for the sacraments.
Linking up with Bonnie because Kelly is at Edel.  Have a great time, Kelly!

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