Let’s Get Planning!

Homeschool moms, how is your planning coming along?  I have to be honest, I am way behind usual.  I am a planner. I started planning Christmas 2015 in November, 2014.  Yet, I’m having trouble getting this year together.  With all that has happened in my personal life and the world at large this past year, I’m feeling unfocused and a little lost. 

SO, to kick me into gear, I am starting a series of posts on the unit studies I am designing for next year.  I am going to try to keep up with my Wednesday Works of Mercy Bouquet posts, and run this series on Fridays as Seven Quick Takes posts.  I hope that makes sense.

Here is the list of units I plan on developing:

First Confession Prep
First Communion Prep
Confirmation Prep
Early America through the Civil War
The Constitution and Bill of Rights
Farmer Boy Study
Equine Studies Curriculum
“On the Road” Homeschooling
Our Fabulous Fifty States

That should take us right through the summer!  With us preparing for three sacraments at once, I keep thinking we just need a Baptism to throw in there to make next spring really interesting. đŸ˜‰  I hope that you will come back this Friday to see my First Confession Prep plans.  Thank you and God bless!

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