Little Lady’s Baptism in #7QT

So, it’s been awhile, huh?  I never planned on taking such a long break but such is life.  I really wanted to share these last week, but missed the link-up.  I’m linking up with Kelly, who has some fantastic news, for #7QT

This little lady was baptized on January 22nd.  It was, coincidentally, also the 23rd anniversary of my first date with Hubby.  Hard to believe it has been that long.  

We asked our dear friends from Teams of Our Lady to be Little Lady’s godparents.  They were thrilled beyond belief.  It was such a blessing to have godparents so in love with getting to be godparents. Here is Godmommy getting Little Lady dressed. {Please don’t tell anyone, but with every baby, we take over the hospitality room at church.  No one has ever said we can’t but I don’t think we have ever asked if we could.} 

Just like for Little Man and Cowgirl, I had a gown made for Little Lady. It was a special one because it highlighted little treasures that had been my grandmother’s.  Her bonnet I made from the handkerchief my grandmother carried for my wedding.  The under skirt lace is from my grandmother’s curtains.  The vertical lace detail on the skirt is made from two lengths of lace that I found in my grandmother’s drawer when cleaning out her house. They were all rolled up neat and proper, the way my grandmother always did things.  I like this gown so much because every time I look at it, I like it even more!  It is beautiful and a wonderful heirloom.

I added some finishing touches to the gown.  Hubby’s aunt visited us about two weeks before the baptism. She brought to me a miraculous medal that had been sent with her by her friend, who just so happens to be the founder of Carrabba’s Italian Grill.  Mama Carrabba’s pastor had traveled to Rome recently and she asked him to bring her back a box of medals to hand out.  He did even better, he bought the medals and then had them blessed by Pope Francis during a private audience. She sent one with Aunt Kathy for Little Lady and I am so immensely touched.  
I decided to attach it to her under skirt with a pin that my mother had sent me at college.  It had been attached to a card with a “Prayer for My Daughter” printed on it.  On the back of the pin, it says, “God bless you, always!”  This will now be Little Lady’s treasure and I can’t wait to get to tell her how special it is and how much her Grandma would have loved her.
I also made a little corsage for Little Lady, as I had made boutenierres for the boys’ baptisms.  However, I realized half way through the baptism that I forgot to put it on her!  Oh, well!  I’m still going to keep it with her little keepsakes from the baptism.

It was a beautiful baptism and oh so perfect.  We kept everything simple, partially because it was planned last minute.  We scheduled the baptism on Wednesday afternoon and had it on Sunday afternoon. Not many people could make it, but the most important ones were there–Little Lady, her godparents, and Our LORD.
I was a little disappointed, though, because I had been saving a veil that had been gifted to me just for this occasion.  It is a beautiful black veil made of the softest fabric.  However, I had not thought to bring a clip or any bobby pins with me.  After fighting all Mass to have the veil stay on my head–and losing–while I nursed and bounced and tended to Little Man, I had to admit defeat.  I didn’t want to be a distraction to the baptism, so I had to remove my veil.  I still had on my everyday covering, but I had so wanted to wear that beautiful veil and it was odd not to have my head fully covered.
I have since ordered sew on clips and will be wearing it again this weekend. I am planning on having Hubby take photos so I can post a full and proper review of the veil. Please stop back, these veils are absolutely wonderful!

I do wish, sometimes, that I could hire a photographer for events like this.  Pictures never turn out exactly how I would like and there are always one that we miss taking.  But that really is a frivolous luxury, so I am choosing to be content that we have the photos we do.
This is my friend, Marie, who made Little Lady’s gown with lots of love and prayers.
Well, the best laid plans of Mice and Men….We had planned on just having take out from a diner down the street which has lots of gluten free options with the godparents and their children for supper.  We spent so long thinking and choosing what to order.  Then Hubby called to place the order and the restaurant was closed!!!  CLOSED!  What diner closes by 2 on a Sunday?????
We thankfully found another restaurant to get take out and finally had something to eat.  For dessert, I made an allergy friendly, blueberry pie, and bought some allergen free cookies.  No pictures…just know the pie was delicious!
Welcome to the Church, Little Lady!!

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