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Making Learning Fun for All Ages

Do you ever worry that you aren’t qualified to teach your children? I mean what do YOU know of educational testing and achievement?

Educational testing, oh that phrase gets under my skin. Testing has nothing to do with education…that’s another post, though.

learning fun

What qualifies you to teach your child? The fact that you have been teaching that child since before he was born! You never worried about have credentials to teach a child how to talk or walk or get dressed, did you? Nope! I mean I read plenty of parenting books, but most of the real teaching of our toddlers and babies comes naturally.

Education does not have to be burdensome and boring. It really can be fun and should be a family affair that becomes part of your home culture. Teaching through literature is the easiest way to have fun, learn, and grow together–but it’s not the only way!

I was blessed to be a guest on the Live Free Mama Podcast where I chatted with my friend, Micala Quinn about homeschooling, managing a busy schedule, and most importantly, making learning fun!

How do you enjoy learning with your children?