My Million Dollar Plan

I don’t have a bucket list, per se. Sure, there are things I’d like to do, but I won’t feel my life a failure if I don’t get to do them.  However, I have formulated what I call my “Million Dollar Plan.”  These are the things I would do, if I ever were handed a million dollars.

  1. Pay off our current home, find some useful purpose for it like a home for those in need, a vacation home for needy families who couldn’t otherwise afford to get away, or a homeschool resource center…haven’t decided the particulars.
  2. Purchase a home, cash that had some more room and a couple extra bedrooms. I set my limit for spending for this item at $300,000, but really, I think I could do it for much less. 
  3. Purchase new cars for Hubby and me–real new cars, not just “New to you” so that we would have dependable vehicles for a long, long time. 
  4. Fund a month of programming for our local Christian raison station.
  5. Go on a mission trip with Show Hope to minister to orphans in China.
  6. Adopt at least two orphans–maybe more, hey, I’m a millionaire, now!
  7. Spend a month delivering shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
  8. Create 2,000 shoeboxes for OCC
  9. Pay off our church’s mortgage.
  10. Save the remaining for a rainy day.
So, there you have it, a dream and a plan. All I need is the cash.  Sometimes, I pray pretty fiercely over this plan. I ask God to bless me so that I can bless others. Seems silly with so much else to pray for, but I honestly ask for this million dollar plan.  You should have seen my plan for when Hubby bought a powerball ticket worth 189 million dollars!  
Recently, with my mother’s passing, I have inherited a bit of money. It’s no where near a million dollars, but still much more than I would normally be able to accumulate on my own.  So, I’ve been praying and thinking an awful lot about what to do with it.  I began to realize that while my million dollar plan is still just wishful thinking, there are a number of things I could do now.  Instead of a month, perhaps, I could fund a day of radio. Instead of creating 2,000 shoeboxes, I could do ten or even twenty.  I think adoption is still beyond my grasp, but I have been praying for God to stretch my funds and open that door.  I cannot pay off the Church mortgage, but I can pay for something that is very badly needed or the new Marian shrine our priest hopes to build.  
I realized that it isn’t dreaming so big that makes the difference. I don’t need a million dollars to do something significant for those charities that I love and support.  I can also make a little difference in the life of my family by accomplishing some much needed but long delayed tasks.  Prayers are still flowing, I want to spend very wisely!
Do you have a dream? What would you do with a million dollars? 

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