Navigating the Curriculum Choices Maze

There was a time when homeschooling was an almost underground movement. Parents wanted more control over their children’s education but resources were hard to come by. These early days for not for the faint of heart. However, over the past decade, the homeschooling world has exploded with new materials and possibilities. Homeschooling is now a thriving industry. It has never been easier to homeschool, however all these choices can be overwhelming. It’s also important to remember that curriculum companies, like any manufacturer, are in business to make money. Here’s some simple advice to navigate the homeschool resource jungle! Make those big curriculum choices without losing your mind.

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Don’t Drown Yourself!

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. With so many choices, you could build a homeschool like the world has never seen! You could do the impossible. Well, you could, but will you live to tell the tale. When choosing curriculum, remember that you are human and only have 24 hours in your day. Some of those hours will be needed for other mom duties, housework, running kids around, etc…oh and you really should sleep and eat. More isn’t always better, so pace yourself.

Mind the Gap of Curriculum Choices

Every education has gaps, it is just a fact of life. No school or curriculum will teach you everything. Even using multiple curriculums will leave tiny gaps. These may sound terrifying, but remember that education is a lifelong process. As long as you are hitting the major, core skills, your children will be fine. They will have a lifetime to learn the rest. So before you choose three math curriculum plans, and four language arts programs; realize that a good education is only a stepping stone.

Catalogs, Magalog, and Curriculum Fairs, Oh My!

The endless sea of choices can leave you spinning in circles. You feel like you need it all and then some. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your choices, be sure to check out my guest post over on Raising Human Beans. I outline how to use all those catalogs and offers to your advantage and not lose your head! There’s a sweet curriculum shopping planner available free over there, too!


How do you get the curriculum you need?


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