Our Reading Week

With winter dragging on, I decided that we needed a change of pace.  So, this week, instead of school, we had a reading week.  The deal was that the children could check out whatever books and audiobooks they wanted from the library.  They had to spend school hours involved with some type of reading, in the form of audiobooks, read-alouds, and independent reading.  They could only read or listen to each story once. My children have been known to spend weeks listening to the same audio book, over and over again.

Each child was given a lined piece of paper and pencil to record their progress. Then came the fun part, I made up a point system for each type of reading completed.  On Monday, they can cash in their points for an array of prizes.

All in all, it’s been a success. We got a break from winter schooling, and the learning continued in spite of it.

Our Point System
3 points- independent reading, per chapter or 12 pages
4 points- Audio book, per entire book
2 points- Read aloud to Little Man
1 point- Family Read Aloud, per chapter
5 points- One Day off of Handwriting practice
10 points- Watch an Extra Show 
20 points- Choice of Two Snacks from Dollar Tree
25 points- Week off of Handwriting
35 points- A $5 Gift Card to Your Choice of Stores
50 points- Free Skate with a Friend
Choice of New Glory Stories CD

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