Over the Home of the Free?

I have been working on a piece about Laudato Si’ that I hoped to get up this weekend, however inspired by Melody and prompted by the Holy Spirit, I roused out of bed in the middle of the night to post this instead.  I try to not get political on this blog, it is not my intent for writing, however since this blog is aimed at homeschooling, I feel that I must urge us all to add a Constitutional Law study to the docket of learning for the coming year.  The constitution must be read, studied, memorized, and taken to heart.  It is the very life blood of our nation and it is being torn to shred before our eyes

What happened today is not about love, it is about an overreaching government usurping the rights of the people to govern themselves and project their own opinions.  Our country is a democratic republic, it is a system of creating laws that not only protect liberty but ensure justice.  The Constitution is not an old, out dated document, but a living one that was written as a path to ensure our freedom for generations to come.  However, once you step outside the framework of checks and balances, and legislative due process, you effectively kill the very fabric that has made our country great.

We were founded and governed, until recently, upon the principle of “for the people, by the people.”  To say that the people have spoken when a set of unelected, life time member judges rule to dishonor the safe guards of states’ rights is tantamount to treason.  The people have not spoken, because we were not given a voice.  There are means in place for changing laws that are “unconstitutional.”  Unconstitutional does not mean unpopular.  It does not mean un-modern.  It has never meant un-progressive.  If the make up of our republic has truly changed, if the laws governing our federal system have truly impeded citizens of states from effecting change upon injustice ordinances, then there needs to be a change.  However, the change must come from the bottom up, not the top down!  The people are the producers of change by our votes and our petitions.  Legally petitioning against an unjust law is not the same as standing outside the Supreme Court holding your banner of choice. 

No matter what side of the issue you support, and if you are Catholic I ask you to prayerfully consider the sacramental repercussions of this measure before deciding, you must think of the implications of continuing to give the Supreme Court more and more power. They were never intended to rule this land as legislators, their purpose is to keep in balance the powers of the legislators.  The only ones who have won today are the judges; our states, our Constitution, our quest for private and individual liberty have all lost.  The dissenting judges did not vote against love, they did not vote against gay people, they voted against the rights of every American citizen being trampled by a runaway court.  Please read their dissenting positions and decide for yourself who they were trying to restrain.

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