{p, h, f, r} Chaplet 2015


This parish was absolutely gorgeous!  So much beauty.
I was happy to get to meet Kelly Mantoan at the conference.  She is absolutely lovely and down to earth. I was also happy to know that I’m not the only one who has family who doesn’t understand this whole online blogger friends thing.  Can’t wait for Kelly’s new book Rosaries Aren’t Just for Teething.  Some of the best bloggers out there all in one book!

So within the first hour of the conference, the spacious bag on wheels I had brought along was overflowing. I had to make a trip out to my car. Yes, I am a book addict aficionado.  They are my true weakness–so much so that my husband and I have banned ourselves from bookstores entirely!  Used book sales are where we get our fix, at least they only come up a few times a year.
I piled the books in my trunk, arranged artistically, and set up the shot.  Pretty funny, but all I could think is, “This can be my funny photo!”  Strange how blogging makes you think in terms of posts even when loading your trunk….lol
Funnier still, is the fact that as I was paying for the stack of books that put my load over the edge, I heard Kelly and Michelle Quigley conversing only a couple feet to my left. It was very hard to concentrate.  I was jumping with joy inside at the thought of two Catholic blogging giants standing within ear shot, almost close enough to touch them.  Breathe, Jennifer, breathe!  I thought of rushing over there and telling them what a great fan I am and asking for a photo and autograph, but that seemed so silly and childish.  It reminded me of when I went to a London pub with some classmates, one of which grabbed my arm and said, “Jennifer, just stay calm, act cool, don’t freak out.”  I had no idea why she was nearly hyperventilating. Found out when we got back to our flat, that the less than impressive guys who were sitting at our table were the then very popular band Oasis. How much happier I was to meet Kelly and Michelle!

Real candles (oh, how I love real candles), Latin Mass, a quiet sanctuary to wrap up my prayers of the Novena. This Church was a real delight!
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