{p, h, f, r} Covert Operations and Request for Prayer

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Pretty Happy
The children and I have been up to some covert operations!! My husband has wanted a canoe for well, forever.  Four years ago, he put an application in for a dry dock boat slip on our lake.  He figured that by the time our number came up, he would have bought a canoe.  
Well, we hadn’t and our boat slip became available this week!  In a totally impulsive reaction, I bought a used canoe as an early birthday gift.  It is also a very early Christmas gift for the kids. (I usually start shopping for Christmas around now, but this is the first time that I’ve given a gift this early.)  I called up my partner-in-crime  brother-in-law and we headed out to pick up the canoe.
I couldn’t believe how big a 16 foot canoe is!!!! Thankfully, it fit on the car, and the seller threw in oars and five life-vests–sweet.
We have since loaded the canoe onto the boat slip, but my husband still doesn’t know. We are making the big reveal tomorrow, the kids are ready to burst.
On the way to pick up the canoe, we passed a local creamery that makes its own ice cream and waffle cones.  I promised everyone a quick stop in on the way back.  We got a banana split with three scoops, three toppings, whipped cream and cherries. For only $6 it was a deal.  My brother-in-law then used the boat shaped dish to teach the kids some boating vocabulary.   Does that make this an educational field trip?  đŸ˜‰
The last time I was at this creamery, I was pregnant with Ashley, my sister-in-law was ready to pop with my first niece, and my dad drove us all there.  Within two weeks, so much changed. I lost my baby and my father, but I also gained my beautiful niece.  So many memories. I hadn’t been ready to go back before now, but I’m glad that I did!
Most amazing view—this was one of my parents’ favorite spots.

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