{p, h, f, r} It’s a Party for Books!

Party, did you say???  Books, did you say??  We all like a little time to chit chat with our friends and enjoy a break from the everyday.  For busy moms like me, the idea of a party has changed drastically over the years.  I consider an hour without interruptions and a cup a tea with my friend Dara a rocking good time. Let’s be honest, with eight kids between us, fifteen minutes without someone yelling “Mom!” is a victory.

But I digress,  the other night I had a Facebook party for Usborne with a few friends and my sisters.  They have great books, and what is better that books???!!!!??? (I think the real reason I homeschool is that I am a closet book-aholic so it gives me an excuse all year to shop for books–can we say curriculum?  LOL)

Facebook parties are the best because there is no need for a babysitter but it gives you an excuse to lock yourself in your room with yummy snacks and chat with all your friends on-line for an hour while hubby gets the kids to bed and you shop for Christmas gifts in your pj’s six months early.  Does that sound like I have too much experience in this?  Cass Heck is an Usborne Consultant and a lovely lady to work with.  Her parties are fun, engaging, and easy.  This is my second party with Cass and I’m hoping it’s not my last because I have really enjoyed “hanging out” with her via Facebook.

Superhero Cass rescuing bored children one book at a time!

Now for my post.

These books are pretty amazing!  Not only are the illustrations beautiful but they have hidden pictures that can only be seen with a flashlight. One of these and a sturdy flashlight is on Buddy’s list of gifts this Christmas.  Best of all, I got one of these beautiful books free just for hosting a party with Cass!  I really want more….my wishlist keeps growing!
While on the subject of happy, what makes me happy?  Books, of course.  What makes me happier?  Books on sale!!!!  When Hubby and I were younger we banned ourselves from book stores just because it was too tempting, especially the ones that put the sale items up front! Now we go to curriculum fairs and homeschool book sales because you know, they don’t count, we NEED them–lol!
Oh, golly, I can’t stay on topic today. But, today is the day for you!  All books that have anything to do with veggies are on sale 10% off!  Today only!!  I think I need to pick up that garden book I keep pining over.
Moms of a certain age all remember those egg commercials that played after school–you know the ones.  I’m not sure how effective they were, but this graphic gave me a chuckle.  If you need more proof that your kids need books, listen to the master, himself, dear C.S. Lewis:

Okay, so I ave joked a lot about my book hoarding  collecting habits, but kids really do need books.  The more you know, the more you grow.  Even in this age of technology, children need actual books to fuel their imagination and teach them critical thinking.  The other side of the coin is that ALL kids need books, especially those in greatest need. That’s why Cass not only hosts rocking parties, but is passionate about book drives to get books into the hands of the children that need it most.

If you would like to purchase a book for your children to beat the summer blahs or to donate, please contact CassMy party is open through midnight tonight, but she is a fabulous consultant any day of the week.  Thanks, and may the literary force be with you! 
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