{p, h, f, r} It’s been Quite a Week!

We’ve had a very full week.  Here are the highlights, linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter.

It was a beautiful day for our annual swim meet.  Hubby even got to come for the first time, ever.  A little icing on the cake…both kids won gold!

Mom, just take the picture so we can go play with our friends!

Cowgirl and I were happy to get out to the drive-in and see the movie Inside-Out.  It’s so hard to find good movies and this one was really good!  We rolled back into the house at 11PM on a Wednesday night.  Lots of partying going on this week, but that’s what summer vacation is all about!
Buddy is happy that he can now ride a two wheeler without training wheels! I tried getting a better picture but he was too busy zooming around and didn’t want to slow down for the camera.
So the little guy deserves a little press time, too.  What is funnier than a toddler, right!  He has figured out that when they ring the bell at the beach it means ice cream is for sale.  He runs over and stands in line with all the big kids, so of course, ice cream is now called “ding, ding”.  I only let him get it once a week, but it makes his day.  He looked like he was doing such a great job when I was snapping some pictures, then I walked to the other side of the table, where he was sitting and realized he had a stream of ice cream running down his front.  OOPS!  He’s still cute!
There are no pictures for this, although I might start taking them to show my son when he grows up why I have so many gray hairs.  This is Buddy’s injury roster for the week:
Sunday: Ran into art cabinet, stubbed four toes at once.  Tripped over step stool and scrapped shin.
Monday: Cut ankle on a twig while working on his tree house.  Got into a hornet’s nest and got stung over twenty times.  Received several deep scratches from thorns as he tried to escape the hornets.
Tuesday: Cut shin working on tree house. Tripped over a shopping bag and twisted ankle.
Wednesday: Stepped on an earring while playing in the sand, puncture wound treated by life guards.
Thursday: Rides directly into my aunt’s car bumper trying out for the first time the Mongoose bike I won when I was pregnant for him, bruises his thigh, dents the bumper. Cuts other shin on a rock during tree house construction, then slices open palm with a hammer (?).
Friday:  The day is still young but he just asked for his saw…LORD have mercy!

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