{p,f,h,r} The Holy Week 2015 Edition

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We had a very pretty tea, but also pretty quick.  With a wiley toddler, everything needs to move along before he gets into too much trouble. In fact, we ended up skipping rereading the Gospel passages because Little Man ate almost half the strawberries by the time we finished saying Grace.  Buddy is pretty funny. He waits all year for these wine spritzers They maybe have a tablespoon of wine in each glass, but he spends the rest of the year telling everyone that he loves wine….that can be REAL interesting.

Buddy was so happy to lose his first tooth. He has been trying to wiggle one out for two months ever since the dentist said that he would lose a tooth soon.

For how rascally that little guy is, he amuses himself well. We had an egg dying party on Palm Sunday evening with some of my husband’s family.  Little Man lost interest in watching the eggs get dunked in cups, so he just sat down an looked through his books. He’s been known to sit for a half hour just turning pages and looking at pictures. However, he won’t let you read to him, everyone must have their own book and read to themselves…lol.

I’m not sure why I thought scrubbing the kitchen on Wednesday would mean it would be clean for Easter. This floor has been swept no less than ten times since yesterday morning.  We won’t even discuss the French door–fingerprint central!  I know someday, all too soon, I will miss having them around, but I don’t think I will ever miss the endless mess they produce.  My favorite Facebook meme is “Cleaning a house with kids in it is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos.” So true!

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  1. Thank you, Laura. The floors are Shaw laminate. They look beautiful but are a little slick for a kitchen floor. I keep teasing Little Man's Godfather because he told me I would be so happy with the laminate because it is so easy to keep clean—not with his Godson running around! Lol

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