Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real A Mother/Daughter Afternoon.

I am once again linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter for Thursday’s {p,h,f,r} post.  These pictures are a glimpse of our recent Mother/Daughter get together.  It was a wonderful time spent with wonderful people.


Our pretty, pretty princesses.  These girls are all so special to me.  It was nice to do one of these afternoons for girls and moms that I love so dearly.  It was always touching when we had groups of 60-100 girls, but it really did my heart good to serve people so near to my heart.  I can’t believe how grown up they all are getting, but it has been a joy watching them grow.  I hope that they are always close friends.


 The girls were so happy about the crafts.  I think if we let them, they would still be sitting there gluing, choosing stickers, and decorating with LOTS of glitter glue.  I was happy that I had pulled together the activities because it really kept the girls engaged and excited.

We tried very hard to sing along as one of the moms played the piano. The piano was beautiful, our singing…let’s just say work in progress.  These pictures look so lovely but in the second you can see my smirk as I look at Mary and laugh at all of us stumbling through the lyrics.  We have decided we need a dress rehearsal next time. đŸ™‚


For sure, the favorite part of the day was the May Crowning and Rose Ceremony.  All of the girls said it was the best activity.  More than that, I think the real truth is they just so appreciated getting some special time with Mom.

A very, very near second of favorite of the day was all the real good food that we had at the tea party. I snapped these pictures are we were setting up so they don’t show how beautifully it was laid out or even all the delicious food we had.  It was a scrumptious spread.  We brought strawberry & spinach salad and cannoli stuffed strawberry–the strawberries symbolized the Sacred Heart for the month of June.  After the Rose Ceremony, we also had a delectable dessert buffet.  I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of that, I was too busy enjoying the strawberries and truffles!

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  1. Thank you, Christine. That was very sweet of you. It is a pleasure to know and love them. We all had such a wonderful time. We are planning a mother/daughter movie night in a few months! The girls have the idea that we are going to (to quote one of them exactly) "get together, do crafts, watch a saint movie, sleep over, do more crafts, watch another saint movie, do more crafts, sleep over, do a few more crafts and then go home."

    I don't think it will be anything that elaborate, but I am checking out and previewing some films, including the All Things Girl video from EWTN to use. When I get it all planned out, I will post. Have a blessed day!

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