Pretty- Happy- Funny- Real: Christmas Morning Edition

I have been wanting to write a blog post for a couple of weeks but just haven’t managed to do so. I wanted to write, just didn’t know what to say or where to begin.  When I saw Jessica’s Christmas Pictures p-h-f-r post, I decided it was a good place to start.  I don’t have many pictures from Christmas, it was a difficult one spent round the clock at my mother’s bedside. However, my siblings and I went home for a few hours Christmas morning to be with our children. Though it was a very challenging and sad Christmas, there was still an abundance of joy. Please, continue to pray for my family as we navigate our grief and settle my mother’s affairs. Your prayers have been such a blessing and my best Christmas gift.

Isn’t she getting grown-up looking?
For Christmas, Cowgirl crafted gifts for everyone out of what she could find around the house. A quiver for Buddy, a knit hat for Little Man, a dressy scarf for my husband…however, she ran out of time for the ambitious project she had planned for me. So, Cowgirl asked my husband to stop by my favorite dried fruit shop and pick me up some treats. She chocolate dipped some of the fruit, then arranged it so prettily on a tray. 
Buddy had a very happy Christmas, not only did he get a bow and arrows, which he has wanted for a couple of years, but he also got a box of snack packs from his brother. Buddy says it was his best Christmas ever,. The camo vest and hat from the dollar store put it over the top.

This Little Man is very funny, so is his new cheeseball  picture taking face. Where did he learn this?
Little Man enjoyed his gifts of a play guitar and soccer ball, however, it took a lot of coaxing for him to open them. Once he found corn chips in his stocking, he just wanted to eat the chips.
My children, especially Buddy, really wanted a pet. I kept finding little notes from Buddy professing his love for me and asking for various animals. Since we have a small home, and a few people with pet allergies, I at first completely dismissed the idea. But his persistence and love letters wore me down–those dimples didn’t hurt his case either.  My husband and I looked at many different options and decided on a couple angora rabbits like my sister and I raised as kids. They are super cuddly and loveable, and their wool can become a little hobby/business for the kids. Since we couldn’t wrap up a bunny hutch and it is best to get rabbits in the spring so they can a acclimate to the weather, we wrapped up books about caring for rabbits. The bunnies will come once the warm weather arrives.
It was difficult to leave my babies again and head back to my mom, but I was glad we all got a happy Christmas morning. My mother passed away the next morning, it was a heart rending holiday.

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