Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real: Random Picture Edition

My children are used to having a snow covered backyard for months at a time. However, since the Thanksgiving snow, which melted mid-December, there hasn’t been any snow that amounted to much. Instead, our yard was hidden under inches of very slick ice!  This did not make for happy campers. This week, though, we have had three snows– nothing major, but all together they have blanketed the yard with a little over a foot of snow. My children are much happier now and the snow really is pretty!
(Especially from inside the house;)

Buddy has been so happy to be playing basketball, again. 
He was thrilled to receive the “Christ-likeness” star after his game. It was his first white star and he is very proud of it. He said, ” You know Mommy, this is the hardest star to get because it is the most important!”

We have been house hunting and primarily looking at foreclosures so that we can buy low and keep our monthly expenses down. The children and I had done a drive-by of a few homes on Friday and took notes on what our first impressions were. 
We were scheduled to visit a few on Saturday, which got pushed to Sunday because of snow. None of us thought about the snow and the fact that the house was empty, until we arrived dressed in our Sunday best, dress shoes and all, and saw the driveway. We had no shovel, only a few plastic containers that I had been meaning to return to our aunt.  So, Hubby and Buddy used two of them and scooped out a path up the drive and to the door. It was quite a feat with 9″ of snow and two little containers but they did a great job!
This Little Man is a real character. He has been trying to dress himself, apparently he likes the toga look–he wouldn’t let anyone fix the shirt.
He discovered the fun of shining a flashlight around a dark room (It really was pretty dim in the room.) and was so proud of himself.
All that running around and trying to be a big kid makes a little guy REAL tired!

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