Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real: St Valentine’s Day Edition

We had a very pretty annual tea on St Valentine’s Day.  It was a very low key tea this year because we had so much going on that day, but it was enjoyable. I managed to make it pineapple, tomato, tree nut, food coloring, peanut, and (mostly) gluten free!

I was happy to receive such sweet gifts from my husband and the two oldest children.  Buddy bought me some red hot candies and Cowgirl some fruit slices.  They used their own money and had Daddy advise them on the best nut free, gluten free candies in the dollar store. (Just a note, these were some of my favored candies as a child.  I still like them a bit, but really have outgrown them, but my husband still thinks I’m 15;)

Buddy had a basketball game in the morning and it was our turn to bring snacks. I wanted to do something cute for Valentine’s Day but not super sugary.  My Godmother posted a robot treat on her Facebook page and I decided to adapt it.  We used a juice box for the body, vanilla pudding for the head, Sixlets (small candy coated chocolate balls that are made in a nut free facility), the feet were miniature boxes of raisins, and then I added a foam heart that said, “Go Georgia!” (the team name.)  Buddy was so excited to bring these to the game, he nearly burst!
The children are growing up so quickly, but they will always be my funny valentines.

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