Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real: Staycation Edition

Well, somehow my husband’s “Staycation” from work turned into a vacation from blogging.  I had dreamed of blogging every day and writing extra posts so that I was ahead, but even with an extra set of hands, it was a busy, busy week.  So here are the pictures with a little commentary but I’m going to mostly let them speak for themselves.


As a special treat, my husband took me kayaking this morning at the National Wildlife Preserve whose border is less than a mile from our home.  The preserve is very large and so we had to drive about 20 minutes to the lake where we went kayaking but it was wonderful.  I kept thinking, why don’t we come here more often?  They have a FREE children’s program every Wednesday morning through out the summer!  We have to check that out soon.

The views were beautiful with so much green foliage and peaceful water.  As you can see though, we are still learning how to take a “selfie”  This was our first one, so don’t mind the thumb;)


 We had a very happy Fourth of July with too many lots of picnics!  Little Man decided to celebrate independence by starting to walk.  He has been so happy to be toddling around, I can’t believe his birthday is only in a few weeks.  (sniff, sniff)


THIS!  Buddy bought himself a snorkel set and has been wearing it non-stop.  He keeps complaining that he can’t breathe through his nose properly with the mask on and I keep reminding him that he isn’t supposed to breathe through his nose underwater anyway.  He tried it out at the beach today with Daddy and had a blast.


I have been having the urge to redecorate.  The bathroom needed some repair work and I took the opportunity to spruce it up.  Now, the reality is that my husband and I are not Bob Villa or even Bob the Builder, yet we purchased a home that needs EVERYTHING to be fixed and/or replaced.  EVERYTHING!!!  We did a lot of work when we first purchased it nine years ago, with the intention of selling quickly and buying a bigger home.  The market was on fire!  However, six months after moving in, with all the major renovations only mostly complete and many more not even begun, my husband lost his job.  By the time he found another full time, permanent job, three years later, the market had begun to slow and we had spent our entire savings keeping us afloat during his un/underemployment.

Anyway, I am so pleased with how the bathroom turned out.  I repainted the ceiling and walls, then unearthed a border that I had purchased when we moved in but completely forgotten about in all the other renovations.  It was quite an experience when my husband, Cowgirl, and I were squeezed into our 5 x 4 bathroom with two chairs, a can of border paste, and yards of wallpaper border.  I wish I could have gotten pictures but I’m not sure I could contort my body enough to do so  and still hold up the paper.  The paper is far from perfect, like I said we are still learning and have a long way to go.  But, I think it is wonderful and my husband says that is all that matters because it is better to want what you get than get what you want.  While we were papering, Little Man was thankfully sleeping and Buddy…you guessed it, was walking around with his snorkel set on.  He says it is called a snorkel because Daddy is the one who had the idea to get one and he snores–get it??  Yes, that is first grade humor at it’s best.

Hope you are having a lovely week, click over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more pretty, happy, funny, real posts.

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