Pretty Happy Funny Real: The Giveways to Giddy Up Edition

Once again linking up with Auntie Leila for {p,h,f,r}.

First off, I have figured out how to center text on my Kindle, yay! But if you are looking for pretty hair jewelry, check out my Lilla Rose link. There is a very special 72 hour sale going on right now and for every order, $1 will be donated to Mary’s Meals. All new customers win big because they can still get the buy 3 get one free offer on top of the sale prices. Also, make sure to enter the giveaway for your choice of Lilla Rose prettiness.

Little Man appears to be as horse-crazy as Cowgirl.  He is constantly clicking his lounge and bouncing up and down, pretending to ride. He even says horse, which sounds more like “gorgk” but he gets his point across, and he cries every time we have to leave the horses after riding lessons.  We brought home, from my mother-in-law’s, Cowgirl’s first rocking horse that she got at the age of about 18 months.  She honestly played with it up until recently because since it has flip up and down wheels, she would tie a rope to it and drag the horse around pretending she was, well, a cowgirl.  Let’s just say that everyone is enjoying having Cinnamon at home.  Little Man likes to rock on him and practice his “posting.”  The big kids are having a ball taking him on “pony rides” around the house. Yup, we will be spending a lot of time at the barn for years to come!

This year at our co-op, I am teaching a preschool art class.  We are exploring different artists and making our own versions of some of their famous masterpieces.  This week we learned about Picasso and the girl with the ponytail. To get the children to explore seeing faces differently and ignite their creative juices, I had each child bring in a photocopy of a black and white headshot of themselves. They then were instructed to cut the picture apart however they wished and use the pieces to create a new picture by gluing it onto construction paper and coloring with bright colors.  I was impressed by how seriously and thoughtfully they completed this task.

Now, Buddy is “auditing” this class.  It is technically for five and under, but since he has no class during its time slot, he tags along and participates in the project.  He is my read-all-the-instructions-and-never-color-outside-the-lines child.  This is how he interpreted my instructions.

His response, “If it doesn’t look real, Mom, it isn’t worth anything.” …sigh!
Yesterday was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so I lit two candles. One was for all the tiny saints, including mine, who are loved but lost too soon.  The other was my special Ave Maria candle that I light in memory of my daughter, Ashley, on her born in to Heaven and due date anniversaries.  Praying for all the lost little ones and the mother and fathers who love them with very full hearts despite their empty arms. God bless you all!

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