Pretty- Happy-Funny-Real: The It’s Almost Thanksgiving Edition

There is much to be thankful for even when life doesn’t go as planned. The LORD works all things for good, He truly does. Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter for more pictures of contentment.

I’m am so happy and very thankful that Cowgirl was able to join a Little Flower group at our “local” convent. (When I say local, I’m using local parameters. Local is anything within our county or the bordering counties that takes less than an hour and a half to reach.;)  I’m am thankful also, that I am not the leader after running a Little Flower club by myself for a number of years. It is hard work, but the sisters and other moms are doing a wonderful job! I will only be leading one craft and bringing one snack…that makes me very, very happy!!

Is there anything more beautiful that a joyful nun in a habit?  How about a whole convent of them?  There is something about seeing consecrated religious in habits that warms my heart immensely.  Sister Jhoan Marie took a special liking to Little Man and amazingly he let her carry him around even though they had never met. A very beautiful baby and a very beautiful sister–pretty doesn’t even begin to cover it.
I had a lot of work to get done and asked if someone could occupy Little Man while I did it. Buddy offered to set up a “daycare center”.  He rocked the little guy, sang songs to him, held him close and you know what?  That stubborn little boy who had fought every attempt at getting him down for a nap, fell fast asleep.  Sorry the photo is blurry, Buddy turned off the light for him then came to tell me his accomplishment.  I had to get a photo but didn’t want to turn on the light.
Speaking of sleepless sleeping babies.  Sleep has been in short supply around here as Little Man continues to slowly get his molars and eye teeth. I’m am thankful that two have come through but he still has four teeth bulging under his red, tender gums.  With so little sleep and chewing on everything in sight, he developed a cold which led to even less sleep. Anyway, as we were finishing lunch and preparing to head out to the orthodontist on Tuesday, he passed out in his seat.  I was happy that he was sleeping but had a 35 minute drive to the orthodontist and they don’t usually accept late patients. I would normally have transferred him to the car and then the stroller but around here, like the rest of the county, it was extremely cold. Before I could move him outside, he would need socks, shoes, and a coat. He may sleep week’ll, but no one sleeps that well.

I made a frantic call to my mother in law who was surprisingly and thankfully free.  I then called the orthodontist to plead my case and let them know I was trying my hardest but would probably be late. Well, the ladies in the office are in love with Little Man so surprisingly and thankfully they said, “No problem.”
Much, much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for each of my visitors, too. God bless you, all! For what are you most thankful?

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