Pretty Happy Funny Real: The It’s been Crazy Around Here Edition

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. It hasn’t been for lack of wanting to. So, here I am, and hopeful that I can get the ball rolling again. Linking up with Auntie Leila and offering you a peak at our week.

I quickly snapped this picture of Little Man’s godsister after Mass on Sunday. I wish I could have gotten closer but I didn’t want her to know I was taking it. She was so eagerly and obviously praying, with her little lips moving as she whispered to Jesus. I still owe that little one a birthday gift, so come back next week for a tutorial on what I am making. Her mother and I both said, this little glimpse of Heaven should be in a magazine somewhere.

Everyone was happy at the barn this week. Little Man was rolling in the dirt which made him happy as a pig in mud. He is falling in love with the horses and tried running into the arena for a closer look several times.

Buddy was happy to get a lesson in, which hasn’t happened in a couple of months for various reasons. He was not happy that I tried to take his picture on his way back to the barn.  For Buddy, when he wants his picture taken, he is a ham, but when he feels like the photo is interrupting something important he wants nothing to do with it.

Cowgirl was happy to be back in the saddle again–does that expression work when you ride bareback?  With lots of rain the past two weeks and me being very ill last week, this was the first time we had been to the barn since the beginning of October.  She was also happy to try put her new boots. I was very happy to have found them at a consignment store for only $9. I had been praying for a breakthrough in finding boots because we have had some unexpected expenses recently but I discovered that both the kids were wearing boots that were two sizes too small. I searched and searched for a good deal but couldn’t find one, I wasn’t sure what to do, then a blessing fell in our lap. Thank the LORD. Buddy is wearing Cowgirl’s old boots and everyone’s toes are happier.

So, we have a few projects we are trying to wrap up before winter. Since, we are hosting our Teams of Our Lady group in two weeks, I am trying to set that as the deadline for finishing. I feel a bit guilty because we just learned about humility and letting go of the fear of what others think. I know that my wonderful teammates will not even be moved one way or another by the state of our home, they are such lovely Catholics, but it is a good motivator to organize the troops.

One of the projects at the top of the list was replacing the kitchen floor. When we moved in almost 10 years ago, I laid a vinyl tile floor in the kitchen during Cowgirl’s naps. I really liked that floor and had no desire to redo it, except that it was popping up all over and tripping us. Buddy even cut his foot on a portion of popped up tile.  We originally planned on replacing it with linoleum, but in will spare you the details of that ordeal. So, after sending my husband the picture below and telling him how much I needed a functioning kitchen, I headed out to see what flooring I could find.  We headed to the closest large town that has just about everything and began our search. The kids and I managed to hit three stores in two hours, including a closeout store where I found Shaw laminate flooring for $1 a square foot. Cowgirl helped me load eight boxes into two carts and we headed to the checkout before the snack I had purchased to keep everyone happy ran out.

When we returned to the car with the eight boxes and four bags of other items we purchased for other projects, I realized I still had to fit it all in the car. It is actually a godsend that my husband was working late
 He wouldn’t have fit in the car, it was doubtful that my stroller would fit after I loaded the boxes, forgetting that Little Man was still sitting in it. I pulled out a few boxes, out the baby in the car, wedged in the stroller, replaced the boxes and put everything else in the passenger side seat. I then sent my husband the photo below with the caption, “We all survived and I fit it in the car, too!”

Having our all purpose room out of commission has been a real challenge. The counters are full of all the pantry items from our hutch.  The table is askew and missing chairs, the refrigerator is in the middle of the room, and there are tools everywhere. Still I am starting to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel– although I have chosen to delay a couple of other projects just because I need to keep school going for the time being.  Little Man’s Godfather has been helping us out with the floor. They have enjoyed seeing each other.

Although they have been working on a lot this past week, like the flat tire I got in Little Man’s Godparents’ driveway on Saturday.  It’s Funny how in the midst of Real chaos, there is a Pretty easy way to be Happy; surround yourself with great, God-loving people!

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