Pretty–Happy-Funny-Real: The Love of Neighbor Edition

Today was a day that didn’t turn out at all how I had planned, but in so many ways it could not have worked out better.  I don’t really have pictures, but read on and you will see the fingerprints of God are all over this story.


So, pretty really isn’t the word, it’s more like beautiful. This afternoon, we were on our way to Little Flowers. It was my turn to run craft time. Our lesson for the day was Love of Neighbor; little did I know that I would be the student of that lesson, not the teacher.
Only a few miles from the convent, my car began shaking, knocking, and the check engine was blinking furiously.  I pulled over and tried to formulate a plan.  I first texted my dear friend, Dara, {who is also Little Man’s Godmother} to tell her we were having car trouble and I would be late. Her immediate response was, “How can I help?”
Dara showed up less than ten minutes later to collect the children and craft supplies.  I handed her a toddler, poorly stocked diaper bag, and the bags of craft supplies. Then, I rattled off bare bones craft directions, and began trying to get in touch with AAA.
Within minutes of Dara leaving, Sarah, another Little Flowers mom, pulled up. She noticed my car and stopped to see if she could help.  AAA gave me an estimate of an hour until the tow truck arrived. Sarah warmly opened her car to me and her four young children happily occupied themselves while we waited.
There is much to be happy about, but really I am just thankful.
I’m thankful for Dara, she is the kind of friend for whom I prayed so much.
I’m thankful that my phone didn’t run out of battery even though it kept threatening.
I’m thankful that Sarah is so observant and generous with her time.
I’m thankful that the tow truck driver thought to call me because national call centers just don’t understand our local back roads.
I’m thankful that the tow driver switched off his rap CD and turned on our favourite Christian radio station.
I’m thankful that the garage we wanted to do the work had space in their schedule.
I’m thankful that the tow driver brought me back to where I had originally broken down, so Dara could drive me home.
All in all I am so very thankful!!

A few minutes into being stuck on the side of the road, Little Man began to shriek. We couldn’t figure out what his problem was. Finally, I had Cowgirl let him out of his seat.  He immediately poked his head between the seats and said, “Hi!” with a huge grin on his face. Then he scampered over the console and into the passenger seat. That was when I discovered the problem, he had a very full diaper. As I attempted to maneuver a front seat change with a very wiggly and upset toddler– he was enjoying looking out the window too much–I made another discovery. I had no wipes!! I will spare you the details of how I remedied that situation. Why are roadside emergencies always compounded by lack of diapers and/or wipes????

God is good, oh so good.  I’ve been struggling with feeling lonely. My husband works long hours.  I gave up my job, which I had held for 13 years, last winter to better care for my mother and the children.  I don’t seem to have any hobbies.  With both my parents gone, I’ve been wrestling with where I fit in this world and whom to call for help.  Every time I began to feel sorry for myself, God has asked me to trust Him.  I have promised to trust Him, but I was still wondering if I had to trust Him AND be lonely.  God has proven today that I am never alone, there are many people who care about me, and when it comes down to it, He will provided whomever I need. How great is our God?!?  I have no words fitting enough to answer that!
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