Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real: The School Progress Edition

My blogging time has been limited with our busy school schedule, and lacking an actual computer has made posting even more difficult.  However, I am getting better at using the Kindle (Don’t you think!) So, I decided it was time to link up with Auntie Leila once more and and update how our school plans are panning out, while sharing some unrelated photos, because who doesn’t like cute pictures??


Our Little Oratory has been a welcome edition to our home and school.  By beginning our day there, everything has gone so much more smoothly. Don’t get me wrong, homeschooling is still hard, especially with an incredibly busy toddler, but it is so much easier when we start by offering our day to God.

Our Morning Meeting has been a blessing. We are finally getting to many of the things I have wanted to incorporate but never managed to until now.I also have been gradually adding instead of starting with everything and then having this or that fall by the wayside.  One of our favorite parts has been the read aloud. When I was 8, my aunt and uncle gave me an illustrated copy of Little Women which I tried several times to read on my own but never finished. We are now half way through and it has been a lovely undertaking to complete with my children. My happiest surprise while reading was the chapter that describes the “little oratory” that Aunt March ‘s maid sets up for Amy. Ok, God, I got it! Thanks:)


We are happy to report that we are all enjoying Latin, which has become a “car subject”.  We use a portable DVD player to watch the lesson once a week and then listen to the song CD and Gregorian Chant for Kids two or three times a week. We are currently focusing on the Chants from the Mass as our monthly Latin Mass has been reinstated.  Deo Gratis! My children are thoroughly enjoying learning the Latin and they are really learning.

So, the “car subjects” has been a recent development but I’m wondering why I never thought of it before. Living 25-45 minutes from everywhere we need to go, provides an awful lot of time in the car.  We spend at least two hours in the car just to go to riding lessons. So, along with the DVD player and Latin CD ‘s, we have moved our composer study to the car using these CD ‘s. We are also getting in extra reading comprehension and literature study by using audio books. We are currently studying Secret Garden.  At least once a week, math moves to the car as well.  I even have Catechism, Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and some saint biographies to help us fit in our religious ed.  My husband says that I am getting so much school done in the car that he may just buy me a van instead of building a classroom in the backyard.( A dream of mine for a few years now)

Keeping up with the Afternoon Loop is still challenging.  Friday’s are IEW Writing Intensive class with our good friends, we are all enjoying that. However, we have only gotten in one science lesson and are beginning to fall behind in history.  To alleviate this, I am moving history to the Morning Meeting time and one-on-one time with mom. That still leaves science. We are trying a real hands on approach this year, but I’m not succeeding at finding the time it needs.  I’ve contemplated moving science to Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.  Need to try that this weekend. I did discover that Apologia makes audio versions of their texts which they recommend for studying in the car…So science may become a car subject, too. Just hard to do experiments on the road. Then again, there is that van with the pop up table…lol! Just kidding.

How is your school year shaping up?  Come back tomorrow for a Lilla Rose review and giveaway!!

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