Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real: Three Great Kids and a Foot Wash

Linking up with Auntie Leila again this week for Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real.


It’s been a busy, banner week here.  We had the annual All Lake Novice Swim Meet.  Buddy swam in the 7-8 boys division, because he had taken gold the previous two years and you must move up after winning gold.  He did an amazing job and placed silver, coming in just half a second after the gold winner, who is also almost three years older than him.  Cowgirl swam an excellent race despite having a pounding headache.  She came in fifth, but swimmers in third through sixth place came in within the same mere 3/4 of a second.  So, all in all it was a great race. Then on Saturday, Cowgirl  had a horse show.  She won eight ribbons, including a third place–her first ever!!  These kids are amazing!

It’s a very happy birthday, today for Little Man.  One year old, already!!!  It has been such a happy year, but too quick.  Here is his birthday outfit, all ready to go for a special trip to Picture People and a stop at the local bakery for a sweet treat.  How I love this little guy!  I will update later with a picture of him in said outfit.


I always accost greet my children on their birthdays by taking a picture of them the moment that they wake up.  I tried today with Little Man, he was more interested in snuggling and being busy.  Then he grabbed my phone and took his first “selfie.”  I guess that counts, right?  

Kind of reminisent of our first pictures of him in utero.


I think my husband has been reading the blog, specifically my post on all the sand in this house.  This weekend, he surprised me with a foot wash on our deck.  I was pretty impressed.  He had to run to the hardware store for something and saw this neat little spray attachment.  The kids have been enjoying using it, and my floors have been so much cleaner!  Except, guess who forgot to use it yesterday and traipsed sand through the whole house? That’s right, me!   

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