Jumpstart Homeschooling Bundle–Everything You Need to Homeschool


Get the ultimate bundle to building a homeschool from scratch. Whether you know nothing about homeschooling or are in the process of figuring out how to begin, this bundle covers it all and will even walk you through planning your entire first year with less stress, for less money, and in less time!!


What if you could have someone give you everything you needed to jumpstart your homeschool on the right foot?

This bundle includes ebooks, audio files, videos, special topic guides, printables, and more!!

It’s like “how to homeschool” in a virtual box. This bundle includes all of Making the Decision to Homeschool Bundle, plus three more ebooks and workbooks, printable lesson planning guide, five guides to your biggest questions and struggles, an audio file on making learning fun, plus four videos for extra support, and information.

Hiring a personal consultant can be expensive, so can resorting to big box curriculum suppliers to tell you how to homeschool your child. You can save time, stress, and so much money with this Jumpstart Bundle that will give you all you need to easily build a thriving and successful homeschool.


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