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I’ve spent the better part of the year trying to figure out exactly what my younger son  needs. He wants to “do school” however has been struggling with the reading and math. He is light years ahead in science and social studies, though, so I guess that balances it out. I was excited when given the opportunity to try Kindergarten Complete by Homeschool Complete with him. I received the full year curriculum in exchange for an honest review.

Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}

It Really is Complete

Homeschool Complete is a full curriculum with teacher’s guide, lesson plans, and all texts/workbooks delivered in one download. You can print as you go or print the entire thing at once. I liked the flexibility to print just the pages we would use and read the lesson plans and notes on my computer.

I felt that Kindergarten Complete really did cover everything we needed, from physical education and calendar work, to mathematics and science. It also has a very gentle approach that includes art projects, hands on activities, and read alouds (a family favorite). I felt that this was a very broad curriculum with plenty of room for personalization while making it easy on mom to teach all the lessons.

homeschool complete

Crayons, Glue, and Books

We thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum and will definitely continue to work with it. It used some of our favorite supplies–crayons, glue, scissors, and of course books. I love curriculum programs that include regular books as part of language arts. (We love Charlotte Mason for just that reason.) There are so many wonderful books available, it’s hard for me to want to use contrived readers that are included in many curriculum options. Also, looking at the book lists, I was pleased to see that most were available through my local library. That is a significant cost savings.

My son enjoyed that the activities were so varied, and of course snuggling with me for story time! The calendar work was natural and easy. I felt that every part of the lesson was well planned and age appropriate in length of time and expectations.

homeschool complete

Counting on Homeschool Complete

We have been working on counting, number recognition, and one to one correspondence all year. I was running out of ideas. I need to be honest, I didn’t know if this math program would work any better than the others we had tried and put aside. However, something finally clicked. I feel like it was the variety of activities, the engaging colors and the simple, short lessons that did it. Other math programs we tried were good, they just required too much for too long. For a little guy still figuring it all out, it quickly became overwhelming as he got tired.

So, I am very thankful for discovering Kindergarten Complete. We will definitely continue with the lessons and finish the second half of the program next year. Little Man is still working on many simple skills, they just aren’t his strengths right now. He is bright and gifted, just needed something the worked with those gifts while teaching what he needs. Those are my favorite types of programs!

homeschool complete

homeschool complete

If you are looking for a complete curriculum that has all the bells and whistles, without the heafty price tag, check out Homeschool Complete! Be sure to visit the Review Crew for more reviews!

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Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}
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