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Wishing and wondering

It’s the time of year when piles of homeschool catalogs are piling up at my door. There are always those items that I am curious about, but haven’t had the opportunity to try. I think, “someday, I need to see what that is like.” However, for some of them, catalogs come and go without me taking the plunge. Drive Thru History® is one of those products. I have eyed it for years, even circled it to add to my wishlist, but never bit the bullet. I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to experience their newest adventure Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation”.

drive thru history

As I have mentioned before, we are a history loving family. We can never get enough! I am also always on the hunt for ways to outsource education in an effective way that inspires a love of learning and encourages the children to pursue self directed learning. Now, even though we are history buff, ancient history is the one time period that my children continually resist studying. My hope was that Drive Thru History would change their hearts and make it come to life. Likewise, the Gospel is something we read and discuss but being able to actually see where everything happened, would be a real boon to their children’s bible study.

The Moment of Truth

When Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation” arrived, I was excited to see exactly what this allusive history resource encompassed. The cloth-like book with three DVDs and a gorgeous study guide got me very interested. The study guide had full color photographs on every page, discussion questions, and summary pages. I then realized that this was indeed a perfect resource for outsourcing learning because it could be a fully encompassing course, not just an educational video as I had thought.

My children clamored to know what had just arrived, until I revealed what time period it covered. I asked them to watch one episode, for the sake of my review, and when it was finished, they could watch a movie of their choice. They grudgingly agreed. I got distracted with housework and suddenly realized much more time had passed than I anticipated. It turned out that my kids hadn’t just watched the first episode, but continued on through the first five episodes. They would have missed dinner if I hadn’t gone down to the family room to see what they were up to. They requested that we watch one more, all together, with dinner. (A little tradition we have for those rare nights Dad isn’t home for dinner.)

Drive Thru History®

Experiencing the Bible First Hand with Drive Thru History

Aside from the breathtaking cinemetography and engaging story line, I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge share. The episode covered history, language, art, and faith. Using live, on location footage, and Christian art masterpieces, we became first hand witnesses to the first Christian’s world. The depth of information was astounding and I found myself drawn in, captivated by this incomparable history lessons.

As we prgressed through the series, one of my favorite parts has been the episode on Paul’s journies. They were no longer just dots on a map. I felt a connection to how far and wide this great apostle had travelled. The wonders of the ancient world, like curing cement underwater, made it even more captivating.

Hitching a Ride for Next Year

I’m eager to explore other offerings, especially in ancient history and Bible history. I feel that they will be great additions to our current history studies and help to round out my children’s history knowledge. My only regret is that I waited so long to bring this program into our home.

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Drive Thru History®
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