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Over the years, I have learned that being a homeschool mom means managing your children’s education, not being the sole supplier of it. There comes a point where you run out of hats and hours, if you know what I mean. So, I am always on the hunt for well crafted programs and resources to outsource my children’s education in a way that benefits us all.

I was gifted an Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership to in exchange for an honest review. It really is a generous offer. To be honest, I knew nothing about before obtaining access, so I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found, it really surpassed my expectations.

Since my first love is learning languages, that is where I always begin. It’s a hobby of mine to test drive language learning programs and software. I was thrilled to see the wide offering in the foreign languages section. Additionally, these were not just games or computer programs, but actual classes. I had not expected classes with live teachers, worksheets, and other resources. This was a treat!

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Courses are recorded and available at your convience, another bonus. Here is where I must confess that I had so much fun exploring the languages and diving into new territory that I never gave the kids a chance to do so. (EEK! Sorry, not sorry.) Can I tell you what thrilled me most, though?? It was that they offer Latvian! Latvian!!

Okay, so if you are not a lover of languages, you may be scratching your head. You see, learning Spanish or Sign Language, or even German can be releatively easy. While German is the least prolific, it is still generally available on any language program or app. But, Lativian, well that is something special. I love that opened that door for children and adults, alike. The world is so rich in history, culture, and language, we need to let our kids explore that as much as possible.

Latvian lessons

I cannot say that my Latvian is stellar, but I am enjoying learning and exploring this language that I knew nothing about. The worksheets are well developed, and the lessons very well executed. While these are prerecorded video lessons, I still feel like I am being taught personally and the instructor is available for questions via email, FaceTime, or Skype. I am seriously considering taking her up on her offer. provides a wealth of information, interactive learning, video lessons, resources, and printables. I have been exploring the site for weeks and still keep finding something new! We are in the middle of planning our last trimester along with next year. While my lesson plans are all written through June, we take time at the end of each trimester to fix anything that may be broken, and add anything that is lacking. The overwhelming offerings on is making doing both of those so much easier. It is refreshing to find so much of what we need all in one place.

It has something for the entire family and provides a great learning platform for group learning, individualized study, as well as just pure enjoyment. Which brings me to another source of joy for my family–the Preschool Playground! Now, not only are there well developed activities and printables available to keep my little ones busy for a very long time, but there is Donkey Ollie, our old friend. We were delighted to see that several episodes of this Bible based cartoom as available in the Preschool Playground section. I told you there is something for everyone!

The video library also includes streamable shows on everything from art history to apologetics and geography. All of this is included in the one membership fee, a healthy dose of learning with family entertainment on the side! Yes!

If that weren’t enough, there is more! I know it sounds like a bad infomercial, but you cannot imagine the amount of resources and content in this membership, it’s like the site that never ends. Every time I pick a course to use with the kids, I find five more that I want to do. Anyway, memebrship also includes access to the World Book Online Resource Library.

This may be my favorite feature, honestly. We love books, we have thousands of books and still visit the library regularly. However, there are still plenty of topics that we don’t have a book for. With the library over 20 minutes from home, it’s not like I can just run there everytime the kids have something they want to research or read about. Well, yes, there is the ubiquitous Internet, and we do use that. However, it is not a place where I will let my kids loose all alone. My time is limited and life is busy.

With the World Book Online Resource Library, I feel comfortable allowing them to do research because there is a deep pool of knowledge that interactive experiences at their fingertips that is self contained and very child friendly. My only complaint about the World Book is that once you get into one of their numerous libraries, it is not easy to navigate to another. This helps keep kids focused, but I found it frutrating at times to have to completely close out the program and start over when I wanted to take a trip somewhere else. All in all, it is still a phenomenal resource for families.

I am thankful for my membership to It is definitely on my list of resources to keep for the foreseeable future! Excuse me…my Lativian lesson is calling!

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