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Review Techie Homeschool Mom Unit Study–The Solar System

Space is fascinating! There are times I attempt to imagine just how vast it is and how small I am. It boggles the mind. I’ve always wanted to blast off in a space shuttle and float through the air while eating astronaut ice cream! Since that is not really in the budget right now for field trips, I was excited to be given The Solar System Online Unit Study by the Techie Homeschool Mom! I was given complete access in exchange for an honest review.

Blast Off!

My first impression was that the unit study was incredibly well organized. It starts with a general study of the solar system and then breaks it down into seven units that cover the major topics (from plantetary orbits and gravity, to gas planets and dwarf planets). Most importantly, the unit study includes a “pre-launch” informational unit. This covers what to expect, how to use the unit study, and other important information you will need to be successful. I appreciate order and clear expectations. There is no guessing here. Everything is well laid out and easily navigated.

Solar, Ancients and Famous People Unit Studies {Techie Homeschool Mom Reviews}


Let’s Orbit the Lessons!

Each lesson contains a video, or more, about the topic. These are professionally produced videos that are chock full of information. The information is all presented in a fun and engaging way, so even the most reluctant science student will be enthralled. I am a book lover, however, topics like space are not well served by two dimentional books. All the reading in the world cannot compete with virtually “travelling” the solar system. The videos make this unit study a breeze to use with your children. It is a complete package that is ready to go. You just need to hit the launch button!

Dive Deep!

Another feature of the lesson is what I call a “deep dive.” After the main video instruction, there is a section that looks more intensely at one specific topic. These include Galileo, Copernicus, and Sun Spots. Each deep dive is a well ordered lesson with multiple resources. The student is instructed in the topic with videos and charts. However, he is also challenged to really think! This is not a passive study.

Countdown to Project Launch

Every lesson wraps up with a hands-on project. The projects are fun and easy to do. They use materials you probably already have. I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with getting science projects and experiments off the ground. My biggest obstacle is gathering all the supplies. I really appreciate when someone realizes how busy a homeschool mom is and makes thing easy. It doesn’t take expensive and hard to find materials to teach students science. These projects are perfect.

Coming in for a Landing

The unit study is topped off with an on going book club. Remember, I said I love books! There is a list of suggested books for students to read. Students are asked to select on book to read along with the unit study. After each lesson, there is a book club “meeting” where member can discuss their book and answer a targeted question.

I highly recommend these unit studies. They are easy to use and well built. Each study would be a wonderful addition to your regular homeschool day or a nice change of pace when you need a little break from teaching.

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Solar, Ancients and Famous People Unit Studies {Techie Homeschool Mom Reviews}

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