Serving with Friends

I have said it many time, education is so much more than checking off boxes and getting through textbooks. The true aim of education is to raise informed, productive, and capable adults who will serve their communities. When you sit back and think of what you want your child to be, deep down, is it the CEO of Megacorp B or is it a genuine, loving, kind, and helpful soul? I choose the later. Sure, I want success for my children, but not at the expense of their soul.

Moreover, when CEO’s are asked what they want most in new job candidates, they want the skills that aren’t found in books. Being able to work in a group, set goals, be creative, and serve others rank at the top of the list! Teaching our children these skills calls us to step beyond the piles of books and lesson plans.

An Opportunity to Serve

Every family and homeschool needs a mission and a vision. That is what builds successful homeschools and keeps you going when life gets in the way. (PS If you haven’t done this yet, get your free guide here!) One of our biggest missions is to raise children with servant hearts who are prepared for heaven, not Harvard. We have been blessed to have found special opportunities for our family to serve and grown. Nothing makes my heart happier than when I see my children sharing from their heart for the benefit of others.

Mary’s Meals Ambassadors has been one of those incredible experiences, and a true blessing to our family. If you are looking for a way to give your children opportunities to serve while sharing the joys of childhood with friends, please check out my post over on Simple Service!

How does your family give back to your community?