Seven Quick Takes: Plans for the New Year

It’s a new year, but I feel really thrown off since I had such a rough end to 2014. It’s like my brain isn’t caught up. My dear friend just sent me a beautiful Catholic planner and I keep flipping through it but not writing anything down. That is so not me! I start planning next year’s curriculum the day we start school in the fall. I start planning next year’s Christmas gifts by the Thanksgiving of the year before.

I needed to get out of my funk, Dwija’s Seven Quick Takes gave me some comic relief and inspiration. So here are seven things I plan to do in the new year in no particular order.

Do a craft tutorial with Buddy.

He keeps coming up with interesting, very Buddy-like crafts and asks me to make a tutorial about them. So far nothing has really been tutorial material, but I am going to make it happen somehow so stay tuned.

Visit Pittsburgh!

My mother’s family hails from Pittsburgh and I have a collection of cousins that I’m aching to see. The last time I was out there, I was five months pregnant with Buddy. Life got complicated between my mother’s illness and father’s death so I just haven’t made it back. But, it’s time and I am planning a great adventure for my children and me.

Find Another Bedroom

Space is at a premium and Little Man is still in the pack and play. We need another bedroom stat so the boys can move in together and Cowgirl can get some much needed privacy. Best case scenario is a new house, worst case scenario is hubby and I move to the couch and hand our room over to the princess. Either way, it is happening this year. 

Go on an Overnight Trip with Cowgirl

This may not happen this year, but I am starting to plan. She is growing so quickly and we need some female bonding time.

Fun Day with Buddy

He has been begging me to have a mommy/son sleepover at home followed by a fun day together. He says it can be so much fun I can “drop the day off.” (Translation: Take the day off from mom work.)

Get some Serious Time with Hubby

Since Little Man was born, we have had exactly five hours alone. I love my baby and all but it is time for a bonafided date that lasts longer than two hours including driving to and from the restaurant in a snowstorm.

Rediscover What I Like to Do
I love being a wife and mommy. Most of the time I would rather be home with my family. However, for the last six and a half years, I have divided all of my time between my husband, children, and mother. Spare time was spent working, cleaning, and planning curriculum. I need to figure out what I would even want to do with spare time that isn’t housework, homework, or taking care of someone. Not that that means alone, necessarily. I’ve just been so focused on everyone else, I need some time to reaquaint myself with me!

There you have it, 2015 in a nutshell! Do you have any great plans to share? Click over to Kelly’s blog for more quick takes.

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