SQT: First 12 Days of Nineveh 90

I am linking up with Kelly, a bit late, to share in seven VERY quick takes how the Nineveh 90 is going so far.

I needed this!! I really did.  With the crazy year of a new baby and Hubby’s employment changes, life has been so busy that my prayer life was barely limping along.  What I learned in these first 12 days is that this challenge is most definitely challenging but also so delightful.  I am thankful to have a jump start on Lenten preparations.  I’m going into Lent aiming in the right direction, that is sure to make it more fruitful.
It is nice having the kids do this challenge with me, even though they are doing a modified version.  I enjoy sharing the journey with them and it helps keep me moving forward.  They seem to be enjoying it as well and life is a bit more peaceful in these parts since we have been praying and sacrificing more.  Not that all sibling squabbles have vanished, but in general everyone is trying harder to keep their eyes on Jesus and serve others well.
Intense, regular exercise is a relative term.  With three busy kids and a newborn, intense is anything that I can squeeze into my already packed day.  I had high hopes for big exercise plans, and I may just get there, but for now, marching in place for ever increasing amounts of time each morning and taking a walk mid-week has been as much as I can muster.  I do feel the difference in getting my body going and I am more aware of taking even an extra minute to exercise when I can. I am hoping to get a more regular schedule soon, however as my friend, Katie, points out, just making time to do anything while doing so much else is a victory.
Being cognoscente of my weaknesses, sin wise, has been an eye opener. It is not that I have never realized that I sin, or that I blatantly ignore it.  It is that I always strove not to sin, this time I am striving to overcome specific sins and it has been very humbling.  Hoping to make it to confession this weekend for February monthly confession.  It’s already a busy Saturday, but no time like the present to turn back to God.
Spiritual warfare is real and as soon as I took on this challenge I could feel it gathering around me.  I also feel like the general craziness of the world around me has exploded since this challenge began.  We trudge on.  I keep praying and hoping for a conversion of our country, but moreover a conversion of those closest to me.  We could all use a bit of knee bending these day, I am not above it either.
For the first time, I am truly driven to pray the Rosary every day.  I have always felt a tug toward doing so and have tried many times, but this is the first time that I feel I have overcome the struggle to get to it being part of my day that I need.  I did miss a rosary when I was sick, fell asleep so early it just didn’t happen.  I am trying to do the rosary earlier in the day…sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is on my radar.  That is a true blessing.
God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!!!!
How’s your Nineveh 90 going?

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