SQT: Our Little Christmas Present

This post has only taken 11 days to write, I don’t think it is a record or anything but I thought I would be honest.  Linking up with Kelly this Friday.

My last post I highlighted all the activities we had going on this advent.  I kept joking that I had a break on my calendar from the evening of the 18th until the afternoon of the 21st; just enough time to have a baby and make it home from the hospital.  Hubby asked if I had conferences with the baby on that and written it on her agenda.  Everyone laughed, but….
The evening of the 17th, I started to feel off.  After a night of contractions and no sleep, I knew labor was on it’s way.  We got the kids packed up and the house in order, then headed to Mass. It was Bambinelli Sunday, something the kids look forward to each year.  I gathered up all our bambinos into my purse; but accidentally forgot Little Man’s.  He was not happy with me, but I was too distracted to really be upset about it.  As Mass progressed, I knew for sure this was the real thing.
After Mass, Hubby asked Father if he would hear confession for me since I had not felt well enough to make it the day before.  (I have been fighting a nasty cold since the 16th, it just won’t go away.)  Father agreed, he asked if I was uncomfortable and I said yes. He got nervous and said, “Okay, we’ll get this done quickly.”
I cried through confession–another sign labor was hitting.  Afterward, Father gave me and the baby a blessing and said that he would be praying for us.  We headed to the car, and I told Hubby it was definitely time to drop off the kids.   
We drove the kids to my friend, Mary’s house, and then called the midwife.  My contractions were now about 2 minutes apart and building in intensity.  The midwife was already at the hospital so she asked us to come straight there.  We arrived at the hospital at 4:30 pm.  (Three hours after leaving our parish–that was a long car ride!)
Even though the contractions were close and strong, Hubby was right, we had plenty of time.  It was a long day with intensifying labor, and a cold that wouldn’t quit. If I wasn’t breathing my way through a contraction, I was blowing my nose–sometimes both at once!
By 1:45 am, I was tired and baby still wasn’t born.  The midwife tried re-positioning the baby’s head and then broke my water.  The contractions became overwhelming.  Just when I thought I couldn’t do any more, delivery began.  
At 3:04 AM, Cecilia Anne made her arrival into my arms.  She was a little slow to cry because she had swallowed so much fluid, but has since made up for it and has a very strong pair of lungs.  My midwife took pictures, but I don’t have them yet.  Here is on from that morning…we were so disoriented from being up all night.
For this blog, she will be known as Little Lady.  Look at those long fingers, perfect for the harp, don’t you think?
After a very busy two days at the hospital, we finally headed home.  Arrived just in time to get the kids fed, changed, and out the door for Cowgirl’s Christmas concert.  Mission accomplished.  
It was a very busy rest of the week adjusting to the baby, getting the kids resettled and gearing up for Christmas.
  Ready to head home, snuggled in the blanket my mom made for my trip home.
Christmas was quiet but good.  Mass, gifts, Chinese food, and movies.  Little Lady slept through the Mass in her carrier, which was great because we got there a couple minutes late and it was standing room only.  

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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