Sweetness and Light–Mourning Little Sebastian

Do you remember my friend, Sarah?  She was the angel when I needed a helping hand.  Well, she could really use your prayers right now. Her family is facing the unspeakable loss of her sweet, little nephew, Sebastian.  The tiny boy with light in his eyes, has caught many people’s attention.  It is so sad to let him go, and his parents did so in the most grace-filled, amazing way.  His sweetness and light lingers on those who have not even met him.  However, his famliy is living a anguish that we cannot understand.  Please pray for them, for peace and hope and faith and love to flood their very beings and sustain them through the tough, dark moments of learning to live without the love of their lives. Thank you.  Tiny St Sebastian, pray for us!


To read more about Sebastian’s story click here!

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