Teaching Vocations: Godly Dress Up

Do your children like to dress up? Mine do.  I know there are some who are against children “playing Mass”, I know because my husband used to be one of them. However, children learn by playing, grow in understanding by imitation.  If imitation is the highest form of flattery, wouldn’t you rather your child imitate their favorite priest as a hero instead of a comic strip character?  My children have a wide collection of dress up items where they dress up as everything from Laura Ingalls to St Therese.  I have never gotten them actual religious dress up items, but I hope to this Christmas. So, here is my post on ideas I have found around the web.

There are several shops selling vestments that range from ornate to simple, here’s a sampling:
Faithfulfindz has a collection of vestments and saint costumes. They are beautifully made and so colorful. Also, these are the most reasonably priced one’s on etsy.
If you have a little more money, you must check out Vestments for Juniors.  These are amazingly intricately designed vestments for children, including bishop ‘s mustard, and altar boy surplices.  Beautiful!
Now, I know for many of us, me included, it isn’t possible to spend $55-$100 on dress up vestments. That is why I was thrilled to find a post on Catholic Sistas on how to make a no sew fiddleback vestments. The tutorial can be found here .  I am hoping to make one for Buddy, soon. A whole set would be even better, and since it is reversible, you would only need to make three. The only changes I would make, would be to use fusible web on the fabric to add body and durability. Fusible web also eliminates all the gluing around the edges. I would also attach embellishments with both fabric glue and hot glue for the same reason.

Well, I have a whole post about costumes for girls, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. The Kindle is stretching my patience and I am trying very hard not to lose it! đŸ™‚  See you soon!

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