Teaching Vocations: The Mass Kit

Here is a quick Favorite 5 list of Mass kits for kids.  I planned a longer post but am fighting something fierce and can only make it through a quick one, so bear with me.  More to come soon.

This is a truly exquisite set from Our Father’s House. If you have the means to purchase on, it is a true treasure.
This is the Mass Kit that I bought for Buddy. Not as fancy but still beautiful. I like how it includes the stoles to match the liturgical seasons. You can find it here on etsy. 

Speaking of etsy, this is a new find there. What I like best about this set is that the variables are also included (including white, which is lacking in the set above) and since everything is felt it is extremely durable. You can purchase this set here.

For the very young, there is this stuffed set.  I have been admiring it for Little Man for quiet some time. We have purchased a few of the rice filled saints dolls for boo-boos, and I also like the fabric books! Check out the shop here!
If you have never visited Catholic Icing, you must. Lacy has a beautiful plan for a homemade Mass Kit for only a small fraction of the cost of any others.  She also has a plan for a mini-travel Mass Kit here.  I plan on making some of these items to round out our own collection.
So, that’s my very fast post.  Later this week, I will be posting a very inexpensive diy baptism set. Come back and join us, soon.

1 thought on “Teaching Vocations: The Mass Kit

  1. Please do recommend or buy the Mass kit from Our Father's House. I tested our set this week after our children showed they had elevated lead levels and the items in the kit are made from lead.
    The lead is in the metal under the gold veneer which chips easily.

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