Thankful that Family is the Heart of Our Homeschool

Families decide to homeschool for so many different reasons. It really is the most individualized education options there is. For us, we began homeschooling for mostly academic reasons. We had a vision of how we wanted our children to be educated and sought to build what we could not find anywhere else.

Our time, though, what has kept us homeschooling is the amazing culture of our home that is centered around education and the family. Homeschooling is not often easy, it is hard work. However, it is who we are, it has become one of the hallmarks of our family.

With our oldest in high school, I have been reminiscing often. I think back to the early days when homeschooling was overwhelming. I remember feeling like I would never make it work and worrying if I was failing my children. The pressure to perform academically was killing me and my homeschool efforts.

Thankfully, as time has gone on, my priorities have changed. We still have academic goals, but that is not our family’s focus. I realize now just how quickly all the time goes and the fact that I could never teach them everything! The world of knowledge is much too big for any one person to do that. Plus, education is a lifelong process.

Time does move quickly! I could sit and fret about the spelling lesson that didn’t go well, or the workbook we never finished. I could obsess about those beautiful checklist I made one summer that never saw the light of day. I could recount every flaw and failing of our home education experience.

However, I don’t, because in the swift passage of time, I look back and see how special it has been that we have grown as a family. No education is perfect. Overall, the most valuable lesson we have given our children is how to love and grow in a family through good times and bad.

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