The Little Oratory–a Father’s Day Blessing & Giveaways Galore

I have posted about Charlotte‘s giveaway of a new and wonderful book, The Little Oratory.  However, there are other blogs also offering giveaways, even better there are blogs showing how to implement the lessons of this book.  The Little Oratory is a guide to fostering prayer in your home, it builds of the concept of “the domestic Church” in an intentional way.  Don’t we all want our homes to be houses of prayer?  Look below for links to enter to win, as well as links from fellow bloggers who have read the book and are teaching others how to live in a “Little Oratory.”  I also have a smattering of other giveaways–it is a very fruitful Friday!  Scroll to the bottom for the first ever Veils and Vocations giveaway!!

The Little Oratory giveaways:

In the Heart of My Home–not only a giveaway but a beautiful walk through of the lessons of this book.  I am a hands-on, pratical learner.  There could be the greatest concept in the world, but just seeing it in black and white words, does little to help me implement it.  This blog helps break down how to implement each chapter in a read-along fashion.  Need to go back and catch up?  No problem, it is so easy for everyone to use.  Check it out and enter to win.

The Clan Donaldson is also hosting a giveaway and book review, check out this cute little blog.
Amongst Lovely Things is another lovely blog and home to another great book, Teaching from Rest which I am currently reading and hope to do a book review for very soon.  Enter the Father’s day give away here:
Other Giveaways:
Brandon Vogt is hosting one of his many book giveaways for Scott Hahn’s new book.  I really enjoy reading and listening to Scott Hahn.  I have also enjoyed reading brandon’s blog and even won one of his giveaways a few months ago.  You can find him on Facebook and enter the giveaway here: 
I also learned from Brandon’s blog that Logos Bible Software for Catholics is hosting a giveaway for a Macbook Air that is pre-loaded with a complete Catholic e-library!  Enter that giveaway here:
And the moment you have all been waiting for–the Veils and Vocations first ever giveaway.  So, it is not as spectacular as a new Macbook but it is a collection of books that my family has truely enjoyed collecting and reading.  My children have quite a library of Father Lovasik books, and I have always been impressed with them.  They may be compact but are full to the brim with information and solid Catholic teaching.  I am offering a set of SIX NEW books to only blessed Veils and Vocations reader.  Please enter below and spread the news to friends and family.   Click on the picture or link below to enter. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks. Sorry this took awhile, I got distracted preparing for our mother/daughter this weekend. I will be posting pictures of our crafts and tea some time next week. Thanks for stopping by.

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