The Nineveh 90 for Kids

I have found that the surest way to not get to post something is to put in a previous post when I will be publishing.  It happens every time.  Sorry about that!

The Nineveh 90 began on on Monday.  It may be four days in, but it is never too late to repent and amend your ways, right?

I signed up to follow the program and am finding it challenging, but I need a challenge right now.  I’m truly hoping by the end of the 90 days, this plan has kicked my spiritual life into shape.  After explaining the program and the purpose to the children, they wanted to get on board–well, at least the two older ones.

It’s wonderful that they are taking this on, but the requirements are a bit daunting even for an adult and I did not want it to become something I had to police for them.  Nor did I want them to get easily discouraged.  Fasting and praying are vital parts of building a solid faith formation.  It needs to be something that can be met with success to become a life long practice.

So, here is the modified version of the original 10 step plan.  I took out the exercise and sleep requirement because they are getting plenty of each, so there is no need.  However, alter this as you see fit.  The legalistic nature of the program is not the point, being more mindful of our actions and offerings to God is!

I will be posting photos of our prayer bouquets later this week.  For instruction on how to make your own look here.  How is your Nineveh 90 going?


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