The Talks: Part 2–God Made you Perfectly

Here is the second talk in the series, there will be five posted in all.  Please don’t forget about the giveaway!

God made you perfectly.  You aren’t perfect, but He made you perfectly.  It is easy to complain and compare.  We see others and think, I wish I were like her or them, but you are exactly who God wants you to be.  If you are following His Will, if you are seeking Grace and guidance, you are already who God wants you to be.  He has a plan for you, and that plan is perfect no matter what others think or how glamorous that plan looks on paper.  You were created for a reason, and just like a single strand of thread in a great tapestry that seems unimportant, possibly a bit uneven or knotted, or does not make sense the path it takes across the loom, when you look at the whole tapestry, every strand of thread works together to make a masterpiece.  They are all needed and planned and important.
As you grow, you may begin to wonder why you look a certain way or your voice sounds a certain way or you have certain talents but not others.  You may get upset and wish you could change.  When you feel down or discouraged or confused about who you are, remember this quote from St Catherine of Sienna, “Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire!”
On Fire!

You can set the world on fire just by being who God designed you to be.  If He wanted you taller or shorter, or with lighter hair or darker eyes, or more musically inclined or more talented at sports, He would have created you that way.  But, He created you to be you and by being you, you can change the world.  I have a coloring page that you can use as a poster or keep in a notebook or journal.  It doesn’t matter how you use it, but over the next couple of years—or really over the rest of your life—when life gets rocky and confusing, when you are feeling like you aren’t good enough or wish you were more like so-and-so; I want you to look at this page and remember that being who God created you to be is the best you that you can be.  The kind of you that can set the world on fire!
It is important to take care of your body.  You need rest and good food.  You need exercise and to get washed properly.  You need to have time to rest and time to laugh, you sometimes even need time to cry.  Being who you were created to be requires some work to make sure that you are the best version of yourself.  Make sure to feed your body, mind and soul every day.

Feed your body with good, wholesome foods.  Eating colorful vegetables and fruits, good proteins like lean meats and yogurt, limiting sweets and salty snacks will not only help your body grow strong but help you to grow spiritually and mentally as well.  When your body is full of good foods and well hydrated—you need to drink plenty of water, too—then your brain can concentrate on other important things.

To feed your soul, remember to pray each day and often.  Set aside a bit of time each morning and evening to talk to God.  Make it a habit to say a short prayer throughout the day whenever you need to refocus on God.  There are many simple prayers like, “Mary, Joseph, and Jesus help!” or “Jesus I trust in You!”  You could even say a quick Glory be or Hail Mary.  Be sure to get to confession regularly and read about the saints so that you learn how to live as a friend of God.

Lastly, you need to feed your mind.  Try to learn something new whenever you can.  Take time to think about challenges that are in front of you and figure out a way to overcome them (pray about your challenges, as well).  Read good books, listen to good music, learn about history and science.  Make it your mission to never stop learning because the more you learn the more you have to share.  Learning isn’t just about books either, explore the outdoors, try a new craft, do experiments (with your mom’s permission of course).  Grow your brain and your body well so that you are well prepared for whatever God asks of you.  And never forget, God made you perfectly!

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