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Late last night, while I was up way past when I should have been catching up on blog posts across the world wide web, Kelly’s post about her list of what she isn’t doing this year popped up.  As usual it was a great source of comic relief, but it got me thinking that I could make a list, too.  So here is my “To Don’t” list for the new year.

Fertility Interrupted
I have decided not to obsess over my fertility or lack there of.  For years, I have prayed that God would give me the chance to just roll with the punches and experience the spontaneity of just letting go After years of closely monitored charts and brain crunching sessions of deciding exactly which abbreviation and sticker was needed each day in order to perfectly aligning my blood work and future pregnancy, all I wanted to do was throw the chart out!  Well, careful what you wish for.  Everything is so crazy in that department I have had to just throw the chart aside because none of it made sense so why chart.  So I am flying by the seat of my pants and leaving it all in God’s Hands.  My tests are all normal, and that’s good enough for me.  I’m too tired to figure it out, I know God knows what he is doing!
For Everything there is a Season–Stop Planning!
Dovetailing with the above, I am going to stop planning my life ten months in advance every day.  All those calculations of, “If I were to get pregnant today, the baby would come _____,” and “That activity for July looks interesting, but if I were to get pregnant next month then I would be eight months along.  How would I ever go on a ten mile hike!”  The preliminary planning of contingency plans for every long range calendar even if I were in the first, second, or third trimester–don’t forget the newborn survival planning that must be done.  Really it is all insane!  If it happens, it will happen when it is supposed to and everything will work out.  All the worry in the world can change nothing!
Homeschool Convention Drop Out
I realized that I did not need to attend three homeschool conference, I don’t even need to attend one.  I know the books I need and don’t need to browse.  While Kelly and I had a standing salad date at the CHAPLET conference that conference is no more.  Hanging out with Kelly was motivation to travel over three hours, but alas the next closest conference with significant amounts of the books we need is almost eight hours away–and no Kelly!  So, I am taking a hiatus from the homschool conference circuit for this year.
One Woman Band
Since my husband was more than willing to pay for a hotel, food, and gas for us to go to the national conference, I decided to use that money instead to pay for some online courses for Cowgirl through Homeschool Connections and Online Hose College.  Yes, they will cost a bit more than a four day trip to Virginia, but it’s close enough for me. Could I do it all? Sure, I have just realized that I don’t have to.  When accessing that I’ll have a seventh grader, third grader, pre-schooler, three learning styles, two learning disabilities, and a partridge in a pear tree; I decided it was time to hand over the reigns of some of the classes for everyone’s sanity.
Why Reinvent the Wheel?
Our family moto this year is “Work smarter, not harder.”  So I have really been embracing this idea.  I joined the Mater Amabilis Facebook page for the fellowship and the great resources.  I had been using the curriculum page as a reference for book selections and lesson ideas.  Then it dawned on me, why not just follow the program instead of reinventing the wheel.  Next year, I will be following the Level 1A year 2 outline for Buddy in religion, literature, language arts, and geography. Of course, I still needed to nip a little here, tuck a little there and add a bit to the end; however it was so much easier than starting form scratch for everything.  If you are looking for a wonderful program that is affordable and flexible, I highly recommend checking out Mater Amabilis.   
Good Enough 
I am letting go of the idea of having the entire house clean at all times.  With more space and after a huge purge, there is far less clutter and it is easier to clean.  However, I don’t have the time or energy to get every inch cleaned every day.  I am focusing on the spots that need the most attention (kitchen, high traffic floors, laundry, dishes, and bathroom sink) and getting to the rest of it once a week.  I am still tidying here and there as I go, but everything is good enough, not magazine ready all day long.  I used to have a 30 minute to company rule.  If the house could be company ready in 30 minutes then we were right on track.  I abandoned that and tried to keep it company ready at all times like my mother did and failed miserably.  Now, I think that if with everyone pitching in, if we can be company ready in one hour then that is good enough.
The Vicious Cycle of Facebook 
I am cutting the allure of the Facebook chimes and new post alerts.  If I am not checking it or posting the tab is closed.  Otherwise I am constantly sucked in for no reason. I’m also thinning out my feed to eliminate the drama that gets my blood pressure going.  Its something I started a couple years ago but never finished, Melody’s latest post encouraged me to continue.  No need to follow that which is not good, true, and beautiful.
**On the up side, it has been a little quiet over here because I have been working on some bigger projects for the year.  I will be posting about those soon and hope to have them available by spring! 

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