totally Free tuesday

Totally Free–Totally for You!

Homeschool mama, you are a hero! Not only are you rocking being an awesome mom, but you are taking charge of your child’s education. You are changing the future for generations to come. This is no small feat. I know how hard you are working, and the times that you feel like you just aren’t enough. You are! And to celebrate how amazing you are, I’m offering you a collection of free resources every week. It’s part of an incredible homeschool newsletter created just for homeschool moms like you.

Totally Free Tuesday

What is this newsletter?

I know, your inbox is overflowing. You get plenty of newsletters. What makes this one different. Well, for starts, every one of these newsletters contains free resources. The other thing that makes this newsletter different is that it comes from a group of homeschool bloggers with a heart for serving homeschool moms.

We have teamed up to bring you epic newsletters every week, beginning with Totally Free Tuesday! The first Tuesday of the month will deliver a newletter packed with the best, forever free resources homeschool bloggers have to offer.


Why Should I Join?

Well, do you like free things? Of course you do, we all do! This is an easy way to get many freebies all in one place. No more scouring the internet for the next great printable. They will be delivered to your inbox every week. Every week is a different offer, every month a new set of possibilities.

Also, the homeschool blogging world is huge! I’m honored that you have visited my little corner, but I know there are thousands of other bloggers just like me. The weekly newsletter brings an opportunity to discover new bloggers, new ideas, and new answers. This newsletter will bless your homeschool over and over!

How do I get in on this?

All you have to do is join below!