URGENT Prayer Request

Please dear friends, pray for James Fischer, a young man in need of a miracle.  I know his family well and my heart is breaking for them.  Please pray with all you have and pass this along. Thank you!

From his brother:

Hello to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Karl William Fischer and I attended two youth power invasion missions trips in 2012 and 2013. Today I am calling upon your help and prayer. My 18 year old brother James Fischer was involved in a severe car accident last night at 9:00 PM. He is now in critical condition. He has suffered severe brain trauma, a broken neck, severe spinal injury, multiple broken ribs, and two broken hips. We are being told that he will never walk again, he may not retrieve his upper body functions, and he may never wake up. That is what a doctor of this world told my family as we cried out to God in my brother’s hospital room. I believe in the doctors of heaven who are at war with the legions of hell. I have churches around the state of NJ praying for him but it is not enough. I need your help. Please spread the word about my brother and help us restore him. Focus your prayers on his brain, neck, and spine. I am begging you, cry out to God and pray for the restoration of my brother. I am forever in your debt.

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