Very Special Prayer Request for a Family in Great Need

I come to you friends with yet another prayer request. It sometimes feels daunting the amount of prayer needed around me.  However, I still pray.  This one I beg for all of you to pray over and share.

A young girl from my parish, Jade, age 6, passed away at the beginning of the week from brain cancer.  Her older cousin, age 15, also died from the disease just one year ago.  Now, just days before Jade’s funeral, another cousin, Tyler, age 7, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow.

Please pray for Tyler to be healed and for his surgeon’s hands to be guided by the Hand of God.  Moreover, please pray for this dear family.  There are truly no words to even explain what they are facing. To lose one young child in a family is a tragedy.  To lose three in one year to the same disease is incomprehensible.  I am trusting in God’s Sovereign Plan, yet I have some serious questions about this.  Well, actually just one, “Why?” 

I know sometimes the answer is no, but these people have been praying and praying and it seems that their world keeps falling apart at the seams.  Dear LORD please wrap them in your unimaginable comfort and peace and help them through each heart beat because their hearts have been shattered beyond recognition.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Very Special Prayer Request for a Family in Great Need

  1. Oh glorious Triune God, You Who can do all things having boundless mercy, patience, love and tenderness towards Your creatures; please look upon this family with compassion! We know all things work together for good for those that love You and You only permit trials to bring about a greater good. It is so hard for us to see that greater good or even imagine it when we are filled with grief watching our precious little innocent ones suffer and die one after the other. Please give this family strength, hope, peace, comfort and HEALING and especially guide the hands of the surgeon for little Tyler. May his surgery be successful and his recovery be swift and whole, bringing him to full health & restoration. Precious Lord, we trust in Your mercy and goodness. Your holy and perfect Divine Will be done in all. Amen.

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