We’ll Never Tell Them :A Book Review

I was invited by Ignatius Press to preview a new Catholic fiction novel, in exchange for an honest review.  The only payment I received was the e-version of the book.

First, let me say how excited I was to be reading fiction.  As a homeschooling mom, I am usually reading about teaching techniques, or history time periods.  I try to keep up my inspirational reading as well, which I do thoroughly enjoy, however it doesn’t leave much time for pleasure reading.  That being said, I am a finicky reader.  I want a well developed storyline, characters, and plot.  If it is at all predictable in any way, I will have the entire story figured out by chapter two, and while I will keep reading, I will be disappointed.  In the age of e-books published by every man and his brother, I find it difficult some times, to find a good book that I can truly enjoy and not spend my time editing all of the grammatical errors, or asking the book questions that it refuses to answer.

We’ll Never Tell Them was a delight to read, I was transported to another time and place effortlessly and could not wait to read more.  The depth of character development, the richness of plot, and the well planned, well written chapters were spellbinding.

In an amazing use of language and plot twists, the reader is slowly pulled into the lives of Krisjana, a modern Maltese/British nurse, and Liljana, a Maltese orphan and late mother of Krisjana’ s hospital charge.  The truth of their lives, and complexity of their stories slowly unfurl and take shape.  Who the characters are/were and why they react as they do is metered out in doses of conversation, flashbacks, and fabulous story telling.  While the reader has to piece together the events that create Krisjana’ s present, and wait patiently for the completion of Liljana’ s harrowing life, it is presented in a way that does not create questions, but intrigue.  The storyline is so well developed, there are no questions, no wondering about the gaping holes that have not been addressed.

This novel is a perfect Christmas present for any Catholic who appreciates good literature. Truly, though, anyone would enjoy this Catholic or not.  It is not just a good book for Catholic literature, it is a fantastic book, PERIOD.  I have been recommending it to everyone that I meet.  My only hope is that an actual, bound book version becomes available.  I did not enjoy reading such a long book (250+ beautiful pages) on my Kindle.  If a hard copy is available, I will most certainly purchase it and re-read this excellent story.

**Correction:  We’ll Never Tell Them is available via hard copy.  I think I’ll add that to my Christmas wishlist.

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