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What Homeschooling is Not!

Those early days of trying to figure out what homeschooling is and how it works can be trying. You want so badly for it to work, but do not have the resources and experience to know if it is. However, there is another side to this. While everyone is busy finding what homeschooling is, we often miss what homeschooling is not!

As children, we mostly likely attended a school. We boarded the yellow bus, sat in our desk, received homework, and looked forward to recess. Everyone told us this was how education worked. Start at kindergarten, do your work, earn your grades, and make it to graduation. It isn’t surprising then when we struggle with homeschooling.

Why Can’t I Make this Work?

It isn’t that you can’t figure out how to make it work, it’s that you are trying to create your own personal school and model it against the one thing you know–brick and mortar school. As I have said over and over again, school does not equal education. While you can receive an education at a school, it is not the only place that it can happen, nor should it be.

Education is more than making it through the hours, test, chapters, grades, and transcripts. Education is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and truth. True education cannot be compartmentalized into certain hours or a particular place. This lesson may have been that hardest of all for me, a former teacher. Not only had I grown up in school, I grew up the child of a teacher. Once finished with school, what did I do? Well, I returned as a teacher. My teacher career ended with the birth of my daughter, however, almost my entire life had been connected to school.

Now what? That should make me an education expert right?

school at home

To School or Not to School

Family was less than enthusiastic when we announced we were homeschooling.  I knew this was what I was called to do, but it was just so much harder than I expected. So, what did I do? I hid the struggles and cried in the bathroom where no one could hear. Obviously, I couldn’t let them know I was failing!

After years as a successful teacher, why couldn’t I teach my own child? The problem wasn’t me, it was trying to recreate school at home. It took years of letting go of my own preconceptions and hang-ups (because I am stubborn) to finally embrace homeschooling as it should be. Homeschooling is a lifestyle of education, not school at home.

Are you struggling in your homeschool?

Is it not what you thought it would be?

Have you questioned if you are even qualified to homeschool?

You are not alone! Embrace what homeschooling really is and set yourself free! Check out my  guest post over at One Hundred and One Pursuits!

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