What Is on Your Summer Bucket List?

We have passed mid-summer and it is flying by! WHEEEE…there it goes. I’m not a big fan of bucket lists, however there are some things that I have always wanted to do! As a young child, I wanted to be an undercover operative for the CIA in Russia….in a way I still would love to do that.

Back down here on earth, though, being on a podcast has been one of those pie in the sky ideas for a long time. Well, I actually got to live the dream and be on an amazing podcast with Read with You.


Filling Bucket Lists And Mom’s Cup

Honestly, listening to this brings tears to my eyes…it’s not just that I had this opportunity, but it is all the emotions looking back on our journey of homeschooling and seeing how it has blessed our family.

However, my real purpose of this podcast isn’t just to fill my bucket, but to fill the cup of others who need it. As a newer homeschool mom, I really struggled with the sometimes overwhelming sense of loneliness.

Being a mom is the hardest job ever! Honestly, there is not another career that takes your entire life, physically, emotionally, and mentally, like parenting. Homeschooling raises that bar a hundredfold.

It took us so long to find our homeschool group and grow our connections. There were many lonely years and days when I wished there were someone, anyone I could just call up to chat for even five minutes. I have been blessed to have found homeschool moms who were ahead of me on the journey to help out when I needed answers to really big questions.


Being The Light And A Light Bulb

I have always tried to be that person for other homeschool moms, as well. I know what it is like to need the support you can’t find. I’ve been there on the hard days when I wished I there were someone who could just talk me through it and give me a hug.

This podcast not only bolstered my resolve to continue to build this resource center, but enkindled a new dream and that is what I have to share today!

At the end of this podcast, my inner wheels started spinning. How could I create that community that moms need and deserve? It seemed like a bucket list pipe dream, but I spent some serious time thinking about just that. After consulting with other homeschool moms, I had a vision to go along with my idea!

get what you need to succeed


Eureka! That’s It!

What if I built a group online that was closed for privacy of the members, but an open book once inside for those who belonged? Moms could ask anything and get everything they needed to keep thriving. Part moms social club, part “professional development.” What if I could help homeschool moms avoid those dark and dreary days that I went through when I would have given anything for a little encouragement?

Introducing the new Homeschool Moms Cafe!!! A private group on Facebook where you can be you and get just what you need in a loving and nurturing environment.

  • Live Q& A sessions
  • Freebies
  • Giveaways
  • Curriculum previews and reviews
  • Special member discounts
  • Guest speakers on relevant topics (think homeschool convention every. single. month!)
  • Discussions on your most pressing needs and challenges
  • Fun and games
  • Friendship building
  • and more!!

If you are struggling in your homeschool journey, just starting out, or seeking a support network, Homeschool Moms Cafe is for you!

Put this membership on your bucket list and get your bucket filled!! We need full buckets to pour into all our children’s cups all year.

homeschool help


Here Are The Details!

Homeschool Moms Cafe is set to open it’s doors Monday, August 6th!! Membership is on a monthly basis and costs only $15 per month.  What else can you buy for $15 that will help you every day in your mom and homeschool life?

Your membership will support all the amazing opportunities and perks you will receive!

For a limited time, get your first month for only $5!!

Click here to sign up!

Linking up with Kelly who is busy filling amazing buckets of her own!