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What We Are Doing This Year: High School

It’s been a rough summer in the “Sound Foundations” home and I am terribly behind in everything. I have to admit that I just ordered some school books this morning.  We are now set until the next trimester. I’m working on getting literature studies set for the last two trimesters by the end of the month.

It is mind blowing to me that my daughter only has about 2 years left of school. She is determined to graduate at 16 (she would turn 17 in the fall) and pursue her passion at her dream school in West Virginia. Part of me is excited to see her try, the rest of me thinks she really just isn’t ready. Perhaps, though, it’s really me who isn’t ready! Here’s our plan for this year!

What we are doing this year

High school, wow! I was not prepared for this a couple of years ago. However, I have striven to make high school about pursuing her passion and picking up some very important, marketable skills. So, our choice may be a bit outside the box, but they are perfect for us.

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Business Math

After a lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg road through algebra and geometry, we decided to try something new for the third year of math. However, it took me months to find the right book. This isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, however it does cover practical skills and will support her business education. (PS I found both these books for less than $20 each, shop around. There are deals out there.)

Language Arts

We are continuing to focus on mechanics and spelling. Cowgirl has some learning challenges and need the consistent practice. She will be writing weekly essays on various horse breeds and related topics. Literature study is separate. After trying every “highly recommended” grammar book under the sun, we have finally found what works! She is working through the entire Fix-It series as quickly as possible. Our plan is to finish them in 2 years. She is also finishing The Good and The Beautiful Creative Writing Workbook. I’m not sure what we will do after that, yet.


Equine Science and Care

Last year, Cowgirl completed a college level equine anatomy study. This year, we are continuing her equine studies with a core text, listed first below, and then a topical focus each trimester. Our topics include: equine first aid, human anatomy/riding anatomy, and horse nutrition and feeding. In addition to book work, Cowgirl will be spending 2 days per week at a local therapeutic riding program doing barn chores, training younger volunteers, training her project horse, learning about barn management, and of course riding. Her riding instructor will be teaching one class per week on a relevant topic. Also, she and her friend will be designing a practical project to complete at the barn each trimester and videotaping their execution of it. I probably don’t have to tell you this is her favorite class!


My daughter is a voracious reader. I have a hard time keeping enough books around to satisfy her appetite, and the library has limited options. So, I am never worried about her getting enough literature exposure. However, there are some books I want her to read that don’t take place on the prairie frontier or include horses. (her two favorite topics). These are the books I assigned for the first trimester. Tale of Two Cities is an audiobook. We mix paper books with audiobooks. It’s still reading!

High School Religion

I let both the older kids design their own religion study this year. So, Cowgirl selected six books that she wants to read through. I approved them and she divided up her reading throughout the year. Of course, I can’t remember what she chose and forgot to write them down, so I will update this post later with details. She is also going to read all four gospels each trimester. I feel that reading the same passages of the Bible is important because you see something different every time. In addition, she will be studying The Catholic Girls Guide in a Catholic girls group and participating in Junior Catholic Daughters.


Sewing and Tailoring

We are very blessed to be friends with a master seamstress who offers her skills and lessons for free. Cowgirl has been taking sewing lessons for a few years now. This year, she will be focusing on tailoring and pattern making. We don’t have a book for this, it’s all hands on. I can’t wait for her to learn to tailor, her father and I have plenty of “assignments” to keep her busy. đŸ™‚

Online Business Management and Tools

Now, I had written a course that I hoped to teach. I sent out emails to our homeschool group and received a great response. However, so far no one has registered for the course. So, I am just going to do it one on one with Cowgirl. We will be focusing primarily on online business apps and the principals of building a successful business. She opened her own Etsy shop a few months ago, and is working on building that business. I will also be training Cowgirl to be a virtual assistant for me. The skills she learns will benefit her own business and give her marketable skills for the future.

First Aid and Health

Our state requires a full year study of health, usually spread over four years, to graduate. I struggled with coming up with something. It’s not that health isn’t important, it’s just that I am constantly sharing and instructing my children on health, nutrition, and safety. We just rarely use a book. So, we will be focusing on first aid and emergency response. We will also cover some relevant health topics.



So, that’s our plan! I look at the lesson plans I wrote up and feel like this high school year is going to fly by. It probably will.

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