What’s on Your Fall Bucket List?

It has been a warm couple days after what seems like weeks of heavy rain. The garden is a jungle and the grass is growing quickly. However, Fall really is here! You can hear it in the way the leave rustle and the endless chirps of crickets. Fall always seems to creep up on me…a short sliver of a season before the blustery cold. It’s sandwiched between endless hours at the beach and the building frenzy of the holiday season. Yet, it is still my favorite little time.

Since, September is the start of school and activities, as well as the birthday month for two of our children, it just flies by. October, the quintessential fall month, follows close on it’s heals, and I’m usually left playing catch up on all the fall treats and experiences. So, this year, I created a bucket list of things we must do!

Pumpkin Spice Is Oh So Nice

I <3 all things pumpkin!!! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin just about everything!! Since going gluten and milk free for health reasons, my options have dwindled a little in the pumpkin treat department. So, I am on a quest for some pumpkin goodness this fall. Pinterest, don’t fail me now!! I intend to eat enough pumpkin everything to make me stop craving it the rest of the year.

An Apple A Day…or Five!

We live in an area replete with apple orchards. One of the kids favorite things to do it apple pick. There really is nothing like biting into an apple right off the tree.  We haven’t made it the past few years for many reason, but I am determined to get there this fall.

My kids are a bit of apple addicts, so that million pound bag that’s as tall as my toddler will probably only last a week. However, there will still be apple crisp, baked apples, and apples with peanut butter. If one apple keeps the doctor away, I wonder what five or seven do!


All The Pretty Ponies

I decided in the spring to take my kids on adventures more often.  We had been chatting about visiting Chintoteague for a couple of years but it just never happened. Then one day, I said, “Let’s just do it!”

We found an amazing hotel for an even more amazing price in early October. We can’t wait to see the wild ponies on the beaches and in the park. It is a quick jaunt but just enough to give us a little respite. Sand-Sun-Surf-Ponies-Seafood….sounds like the makings of a great trip.


A Basket Full of Fall

Have you tried Autumn Olives? They aren’t olives at all, but small, tart berries. They are great in yogurt, pies, jams, and muffins. Two years ago, there were none to be found. We had a warm early fall followed by a sharp drop in temperatures and very early frost.  This year, the bushes are overflowing with red berries. We plan to pick them every week after soccer practice for as long as they last.  Looking forward to crisp night with warm autumn olive cobbler on the side. Yum!


Dry All The Herbs

My oven light works over time each fall drying my herbs and flowers for the winter ahead. This year I have several new herbs that I am learning how to dry and use. I love to harvest the herbs, dry them, and fill my pantry with pretty jars full of herbs. Getting into the garden is a luxury at this point–so many other things to do and the weather has been rough–but my herbs are on my bucket list and I am determined to dry them all!

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What’s on your bucket list this fall?

3 thoughts on “What’s on Your Fall Bucket List?

  1. I was just thinking how my family needs to go apple picking this fall. It’s been a few years. I really miss when we used to have a friend of a friend who gave away free apples from the trees on his property. We never had so much free and delicious applesauce in all our lives!

    1. That is awesome!! We have a dream of having our own orchard some day. Let me know if you get to go picking. I’d love your apple sauce recipe, too. I always just wing it, but my kids like to help cook so a recipe would be great. Plus, sometimes winging it doesn’t come out exactly how I had planned. Thanks for stopping by.

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